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Scotland on a Saturday.

November 13, 2010  |  Featured Posts  |  3 Comments

This morning we had to head into Edinburgh as we all had hair appointments.   As we drove out of Livingston I spotted this rainbow and took a photo from the car.

It was dry and sunny in Edinburgh but really very cold.  We haven’t had much autumn weather, it’s been more akin to winter this last couple of weeks.

In the area of Edinburgh where we shop at a particular baker shop, they have a charity event going on with some of the shops.  The shops participating have decorated a giraffe and it’s either outside the store or in the window.

Edinburgh was busier than usual as there’s an international rugby match on at Murrayfield Stadium this afternoon so there were lots of foreign visitors in town.

If you’ve visited my blog before then you will know that I have a weakness for orchids.  I bought this one a couple of nights ago whilst shopping in M&S – the flowers are much bigger than the ones I usually choose but I couldn’t resist the colour or the markings.  The flowers are so big that they almost look like double sized heads.

That’s it for today, unfortunately I’m not in the best of form as we’re dealing with some not so good news about our poodle Brandy.

We have to make a decision about the best way forward for him so my focus is all over the place.

I should be back early next week with poem of the week.  Until then, thanks for dropping in, please pop back again.

PS   Thanks for the lovely comments and messages, it’s really so encouraging when a lovely message or comment is left, it makes blogging a pleasure.

Poem of the Week.

November 10, 2010  |  Featured Posts  |  3 Comments

A little visitor.

I love when the collar doves visit my garden. They are such refined and delicate looking birds. They always visit as a pair – every year they appear. They tend to visit at the same time of day as well.

This week’s poem is more of a passage than a poem and I’m not sure who wrote it.

One day at a time – this is enough.
Do not look back and grieve over
the past, for it is gone; and do not
be troubled about the future,
for it has not yet come.
Live in the present and make it
so beautiful that it will be
worth remembering.

I chose this passage today as I try to live my life like this. I really don’t believe in looking back with regret or worrying about the future.
I try to enjoy each day as it comes.
I think it’s important to enjoy the little pleasures in life and for me one of those is nature in all it’s forms.

Matthew told me a little saying from Kung Fu Panda which I think is quaint.
“Yesterday is a mystery,
tomorrow is history
and today is a gift – which is why it’s called the present.”

This week has been very, very busy with work again but at least I’ve been coming home to nice packages behind the door.

I’ve treated myself to some charts that I’ve been meaning to buy and also a couple of Knitting Books that I’ve thought about buying for a while.
It’s a bit of a trade really – when you work more you earn more so you can treat yourself to extra bits and pieces BUT you don’t have the time to sit down and work on them!
I don’t enjoy knitting big items so books that contain little gift items to knit are ideal for me.

I’ve made some progress on my banner but I’d rather wait till I’ve moved onto the next letter before I show any photos.
Thanks for stopping by today and also for the lovely comments you’ve been leaving, I very much appreciate them.
PS I’ve updated my destash page again, click over and take a look.

Scotland on a Saturday.

November 6, 2010  |  Featured Posts  |  8 Comments

Welcome to another visit to Scotland, today I went to Perth to do a little shopping.  Perth has some lovely shops and the River Tay runs through the town.

It’s about an hours drive for us and we travel north over the Forth Bridge to get there.

On the road to Perth.

Entering the town.

Lady of Perth.

Across the River Tay.

Fast flowing Tay.

Today the river was quite high and fast flowing as we’ve had a fair bit of rain of late.

Flags of the world.

Kilts anyone?

Driving home.

When we came home I decided to make some vegetable soup.  I love home made soup but never seem to enjoy it when I make it myself, I don’t know why as everyone else seems to enjoy it.

It was a cold frosty morning when we left Livingston and Perth was even colder.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little “taste of Scotland” today.  I certainly enjoyed my shopping trip and we all got what we were looking for so it was smiles all round.

Thanks for stopping by, pop back at the beginning of the week for Poem of the Week and any progress I’ve hopefully made on the needlecraft front.

Destash update.

November 3, 2010  |  Featured Posts  |  No Comments

I’ve added a few Christmas/Seasonal charts to my Destash page. Please feel free to take a look.

Poem of the Week.

November 2, 2010  |  Featured Posts  |  2 Comments


Inside the Wolf’s fang, the mountain of heather.

Inside the mountain of heather, the Wolf’s fur.

Inside the Wolf’s fur, the ragged forest.

Inside the ragged forest, the Wolf’s foot.

Inside the Wolf’s foot, the stony horizon.

Inside the stony horizon, the Wolf’s tongue.

Inside the Wolf’s tongue, the Doe’s tears.

Inside the Doe’s tears, the frozen swamp.

Inside the frozen swamp, the Wolf’s blood.

Inside the Wolf’s blood, the snow wind.

Inside the snow wind, the Wolf’s eye.

Inside the Wolf’s eye, the NORTH STAR.

Inside the North Star, the Wolf’s fang.

by Ted Hughes.

I’m a day late with poem of the week this week – I was working all day yesterday and I just couldn’t catch up.

Our weather has been awful with high winds and torrential rain that comes in squalls.

I’ve made a little more progress on my banner but waste so much time when I can’t make my mind up about colour choices.

On visiting many other blogs, I’m always amazed at how much stitching some of you achieve – I truly don’t know how you all do it.

I received some rather nice mail today – from three different online shops. I’m looking forward to sitting down with them this evening.

I’m still enjoying the colours of autumn at the moment – mind you, after the recent windy weather there’s very few leaves left on the trees.

I’m hoping to add some new items to my destash page tomorrow – mainly Christmas themed.  If I had my banner finished then I would move onto some Christmas stitching.

Thanks for popping in today and also for the lovely messages I’ve received about some of my posts.  I can understand why some people prefer to send an e-mail instead of leaving a comment.  I know that I sometimes do that too.

Scotland on a Saturday.

October 30, 2010  |  Featured Posts  |  1 Comment

This morning we went to Edinburgh Zoo.  It was a beautiful sunny autumn morning so it was ideal to be out walking about.

The zoo is set on a hill and from when you enter till you get to the top it’s quite a hike.

View over Edinburgh.

Although it was sunny, it was quite cool so many of the animals were indoors.  Quite a few weren’t in evidence at all which was disappointing.

Sun Bears.

The sun bears are a very recent addition to the zoo.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Hanging out with mother.

Grazing zebras.

Exotic birds.

When we went inside this area where the exotic birds and the koala bears are my camera misted up and I couldn’t clean it no matter how often I tried.  It is so warm and humid.

My favourite animal is any type of big cat.  Most of them were hidden today but we did manage to see two.



The glorious colours of nature.

On the way out, I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the elephant statue.  They haven’t had elephants there for many years now.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little stroll round Edinburgh Zoo with me.

This afternoon I’m going to try to choose a colour for the letter E in my banner.  I’m at the end of my tether trying to make the correct choice – I must have started around seven threads and changed my mind.  I’ve unpicked a few and so has Alan – do you ever get to the stage where you just want to toss it across the room?  Well I reached that stage last night – hopefully today I will strike it lucky.

Thanks for dropping by – pop back on Monday for Poem of the Week.  Have a good weekend.

The full story!!

October 27, 2010  |  Featured Posts  |  1 Comment

Today’s post is an addition to the previous post that mentioned the art of P Buckley Moss.

Many years ago there was an article about P Buckley Moss in an old “Stitcher’s World” magazine.

It was the first time I had seen her work and was very taken with it. The article showed a few of her paintings in chart form and I decided I had to stitch a couple of them. I didn’t realise that they were largely out of print so my search was really difficult.

I tracked down a few charts but not the one I really wanted so I decided to submit a letter to “Stitcher’s World” asking for help.

As a result of my letter, I managed to find the chart I wanted and went on to stitch it. I also found a very good friend in the process, her name is Janice and she lives in Chicago.

We have written, emailed, spoken on the phone and have met in person when Janice came to Scotland a few years ago.

If it hadn’t been for the art of P Buckley Moss then none of this would have happened.

Over the years, I’ve collected a few pieces of Moss work in the form of prints and plates. Many of them have come from The Canada Goose Gallery where a lovely lady called Laura has helped me to find some pieces that I’ve been searching for.

Laura knows P Buckley Moss personally and told her the story of how I made two friends – one when I was searching for her charts and the second when I offered to help someone else searching for some charts.

The photo above is probably my favourite Moss picture. I started to stitch it but when we found it in print form I gave the partially stitched piece away.

Laura told me that the image from the picture with the geese and the church is very close to her gallery.

I decided to add this little story after reading Denise’s comment on yesterday’s post. I hope I’ve not gone on too much!

PS A final mention for Matthew – Happy 16th Birthday – today.

Making jewellery.

October 26, 2010  |  Featured Posts  |  3 Comments

I’ve spent the last couple of days catching up with some jewellery making. I needed to get busy making a few gifts so I made one or two extras as well.
The tourmaline necklace is a gift for an elderly lady who writes to me several times a year.

She is a wonderful lady who is over ninety years old and still manages to stitch and quilt. We got in touch through a magazine search for some P Buckley Moss charts – I wrote and offered her what I had and we ended up continuing the friendship. She lives in America – she splits her year over two States, spending her summers by a lake in Wisconsin.

The next photo shows ear rings made with lovely lampwork beads – I have a large matching bead which I’m planning to use as a focal point in a necklace.

Finally, a set which took me longer to make. I’ve decided to offer it for sale for a change. I make so many items as gifts or to sell “to order” that I rarely get a chance to offer any here!

Please click on the photos if you want a detailed look.
This set is on my “Jewellery For Sale” page.

I’m now going to make a start on a small piece of knitting – I’m not very good at reading knitting charts – I prefer the old fashioned way of reading a pattern – and this design is all charted. It’s a small heart sachet so hopefully it won’t challenge me too much!

Thanks for dropping in today and thanks for the kind comments you continue to leave.

Poem of the Week.

October 25, 2010  |  Featured Posts  |  2 Comments

“A Hallowe’en Pumpkin”

They chose me from my brother: “That’s the
Nicest one,” they said,
And they carved me out a face and put a
Candle in my head;

And they set me on the doorstep. Oh, the
Night was dark and wild;
But when they lit the candle, then I

by Dorothy Aldis

I’ve made a little progress on my banner – hopefully I’ll get more done this week since I’m not working as much.

I’ve been busy making jewellery today – I had forgotten just how long it takes to make a piece when it’s got lots of bits and pieces to join together. I’ll post a few photos tomorrow when I’ve got them finished.
It’s a beautiful sunny day with us today. I hope it’s the same with you wherever you are and that you have a lovely Monday.
Thanks for visiting, please drop in again soon.

Scotland on a Saturday.

October 23, 2010  |  Featured Posts  |  3 Comments

Welcome to Scotland on a Saturday – today it’s a tiny glimpse of “my home town”.

Looking out this morning.

Livingston, where I live, has a river which runs through it’s centre – it’s called the River Almond.  It cuts through the middle of the town and we live at the north end of the town.

The photo above was taken from our bedroom window looking south to the Pentland hills.

The River Almond

The River Almond

Livingston has lots of roundabouts and in the centre of many of them are sculptures. They are very varied in design and this is one of my favourites.

Near the town centre.

Cat and bird!

The above photo was taken from my front window looking across to a neighbour.  The wood pigeon was trying to get in through the window and there was a black cat looking out at it.  I wonder what it was thinking!

Finally, for today I’d like to share with you a photo of a fob I made as a gift for someone – as a wee thank you.

"Think Pink"

That’s it for today, I hope you’ve enjoyed a tiny glimpse of “my home town”.  Please pop in on Monday for Poem of the Week and hopefully a stitching progress update.