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Destash and Giveaway Update.

October 19, 2010  |  Featured Posts  |  3 Comments

This is a quick post to let you know that I’ve added some items to my destash page and also to once again ask Melissa D to get in touch.
Melissa D. – if I don’t hear from you by Friday (which is a week after the giveaway was drawn) then I’ll redraw the giveaway with the remaining names.

Thanks again for the comments – they brighten up my day.

I’m enjoying the colour of this mini orchid – it is so intense but the orchid is very, very small.

Poem of the Week.

October 18, 2010  |  Featured Posts  |  4 Comments

“Autumn Wish”

The woods are full of fairies,

The sea is full of fish,

The trees are full of golden leaves,

Let’s make an autumn wish.


Today’s poem is “short and sweet”.

I hope you all had a good weekend.  I was busy catching up with all the things I normally do through the week.  This week will be the same as I am working all week again.

I did a little stitching at the weekend but not enough to show any progress pics.  However, I’d like to show you a scissors fob I made as a small gift.  I made it using hand made lampwork beads and a hand made polymer clay bead along with sterling silver findings and jasper.

I hope you like it.

Thanks for dropping in today, I’m sorry it’s such a short post but I feel like I’m “chasing my tail” again and it’s only Monday!

I’m hoping to add some destash items tomorrow or Wednesday this week so pop back in if you can.

PS.  I’m still waiting to hear from Melissa D. with details for the Giveaway prize.  Please get in touch.

Scotland on a Saturday and Giveaway Winner.

October 16, 2010  |  Featured Posts  |  3 Comments

Good afternoon from Scotland where it is a lovely autumn day.  We were in Edinburgh this morning and it was beautiful in the sunshine but cool in the shade.

On the way back home, we took a very small detour and I took today’s photos.  They are all taken on the coast looking either over the water to  Fife or heading out to the north sea.  This is where the river Forth widens out and heads into the sea.

Granton Harbour

Old Lighthouse

Further round the coast, heading for home we stopped and took a few more.  You can see the two bridges that I’ve shown before from a different direction and in the photo of the bridges you can see a causeway that is used by people to walk to the little island just off shore.

View to the Bridges

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little visit to my part of the world.  I had hoped to go further afield today but I had to go to a shoe shop in town to sort out a problem with a pair of shoes I bought last weekend.

Finally today, I’d like to announce that Melissa D. is the winner of my Giveaway. Congratulations Melissa, please can you e-mail me your full name and address so that I can send off your giveaway prize. (Anyone wanting to mail me personally – please use the contact link at the top of the page.)

Thanks for stopping by today.  I’m hoping to add some new destash items very soon and I’ll be back on Monday with poem of the week.

As always thanks to everyone who left a comment, I really enjoyed reading something about each and every one of you.

Poem of the Week.

October 11, 2010  |  Featured Posts  |  11 Comments

“My Life is but a Weaving”

My life is but a weaving

between my Lord and me;

I cannot choose the colours,

He worketh steadily.

Oft times He weaveth sorrow,

And I , in foolish pride;

Forget He sees the upper,

And I the under side.

Not ’til the loom is silent

and the shuttles cease to fly,

Shall God unroll the canvas

and explain the reason why.

The dark threads are as needful

in the Weaver’s skillful hand,

As the threads of gold and silver

in the pattern He has planned.

He knows, He loves, He cares,

nothing this truth can dim.

He gives His very best to those

who leave the choice with Him.


Today, as promised, details of my October Giveaway.

If you would like to enter, then please comment on this post only – if you’re happy to do it then please tell me one thing about yourself.

October Giveaway.

The giveaway includes the Cross Eyed Cricket chart Three Gables, the hand dyed linen 32 count (small piece), a hand made scissors fob, a set of Hallowe’en buttons and a hand made bracelet (generous size).

The fob is made of sterling silver findings, leather and hand made lampwork beads.

The bracelet is made of sterling silver components, including the “believe” bead and gemstone beads.

Today’s post is short and sweet, I’m afraid.  This is what happens when a body has to “work” for a living!!

Thanks for stopping by today and also for the lovely comments you continue to leave.

Edinburgh is a lovely city, I never tire of visiting it.

Please pop in later in the week and remember to leave a comment if you want to be entered in the giveaway. I will make the draw this Friday 15th at ten o’clock in the evening our time (UK).

Scotland on a Saturday.

October 9, 2010  |  Featured Posts  |  6 Comments

This morning we were in Edinburgh – all three of us had hair appointments and the dog was being clipped.

National Art Gallery

The art gallery sits on the side of Princes Street where the gardens run the full length with the break for the gallery.

Going up the mound.

The mound runs up round the back of the Art Gallery and meets the Royal Mile.  The Royal Mile is the street that runs from Edinburgh Castle at the top and Holyrood Palace at the bottom.

Edinburgh Castle

Royal Mile from Princes Street.

Warming Up.

When we went to our usual baker shop we walked past this pitch where the players were warming up for a rugby match.

That’s it for today.  I’ll be back on Monday with poem of the week and details of my next giveaway.  I’m going to include a non stitching item in the giveaway for a change.

Thanks for stopping by and for the continued comments, they mean a lot to me and I appreciate every one.  Enjoy your weekend.

Bits and pieces.

October 8, 2010  |  Featured Posts  |  5 Comments

Not much progress to show – I had my flu jab yesterday and couldn’t stitch last night as my arm was pretty sore when I moved.

I’ve been collecting some lace weight wool to try to make a start on some small gift items.

If only I had time – I’m going to be working full time for the next two weeks – I NEVER work full time!!

This is a quick question and I’m hoping someone has the answer to it.  In this year’s Ornament Issue there is a design by Monsterbubbles which is Day Four of the Twelve Days of Christmas and in last year’s there is Day One.  PLEASE can someone tell me where I can find Days Two and Three.

I tried e-mailing the designer but didn’t receive a reply so I’m hoping someone may have seen them somewhere – or know why I can’t find them.

In answer to the question about the acorn lid design in my post on Monday.  It is a Cross Eyed Cricket chart which I no longer have so I couldn’t find the name of it.  Thanks for the lovely comments.

Having bought my first hibiscus last weekend, I then bought another last night to give to to my elderly aunt who I’m going to visit this afternoon.

When I was walking round Marks and Spencer with it in my trolley, a lady stopped me to admire it and we had a lovely chat.  She was from Malaysia and she told me that it was the national flower of that country, which was her home.

Thanks for popping in today, I hope you can visit again tomorrow for Scotland on a Saturday.

Poem of the week.

October 4, 2010  |  Featured Posts  |  6 Comments

Welcome to another week and the first Monday of October.


Out of sight they spend whole summers

growing spiky in the leaf corners.

We never hear them drop,

their swell and fall

is secret as imagination.

In split shells they lie,

nuggets for polishing.

Matthew collected a few conkers at the weekend,  but most of them were pretty small.

I’ve still been working on my autumn banner but it’s been slow progress. At this rate, autumn will be over before I manage to finish it.  I’ve been going out to work more than usual and it means my craft time has been greatly reduced.

At the weekend I bought my first ever hibiscus.  I didn’t realise the flowers would open so quickly.  It went from bud to open flower overnight.

I shop a lot in Marks and Spencer and I buy most of my orchids there so I decided to try something else for a change – I must say I don’t regret it as it looks really pretty with the flowers open.

I hope you all had a good and productive weekend.  The weekends truly fly past these days.  Thanks for dropping by and please pop in again soon.

PS Thanks for the lovely comments about my local area – it’s actually very ordinary – the photos must have made it look nicer!!

Scotland on a Saturday.

October 2, 2010  |  Featured Posts  |  4 Comments

This afternoon is what we in Scotland call “dreich”.

I decided to post about my local area today – when I say local, I mean very local. The area I’m showing is called Dechmont Law and I can see it from my lounge window.

View from the top of Dechmont Law

View to the south east

The area is very popular with local walkers, especially in winter on crisp, sunny days.

You can see my house from the top.

Deer Park golf course

Our estate sits on the edge of a golf course called Deer Park and all the local streets are named after golfers.

Deer Park

Bridges and Bing

The two bridges you can just see above are around twelve miles from here and I posted a photo of them several weeks ago.
The reddish shale bing you see is fairly unique to West Lothian as they appeared as a byproduct in the mining of paraffin oil many years ago.
They are fast disappearing as the shale is used in the building of roads.

Deans Community High School

It takes Matthew a few minutes to walk to his school which was only opened last year.

Ordnance Survey

This photo shows the top of the Law where there is an Ordnance Survey trig point which used to be used in the making of maps.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a step outside my home and finally a little point of interest. If you look up Wikipedia and type in Dechmont Law you will find a story about a local man and his well documented UFO sighting. It caused quite a stir in our area way back in 1979.

Thanks for visiting Scotland today, please pop in on Monday for Poem of the Week.
PS Thank you to the ladies who have bought lots of the new items I listed last week.

Destash Update

September 28, 2010  |  Featured Posts  |  1 Comment

This is a quick message to let you know that I’ve updated my destash page and added quite a few new items. Most of the bits and pieces had been sold and it was looking a bit sad with only two items left for sale so I thought I’d take some time to look out some bits and pieces.

Rushing Off

Thanks for checking in. I’ll be back later in the week.

Poem of the week.

September 27, 2010  |  Featured Posts  |  1 Comment

I hope you all had a good weekend.  I’m feeling a bit better today and actually made it out of the house this morning.  Thanks for the kind wishes.

This week’s poem is a very simple one.  I chose it after hearing my neighbour “hoovering” up fallen leaves at the weekend.  I love the colour of the autumn leaves but not the mess they make when they fall.

“Autumn Fires”

In the other gardens

And all up the vale,

From the Autumn bonfires

See the smoke trail!

Pleasant summer over

And all the summer flowers,

The red fire blazes,

The grey smoke towers.

Sing a song of seasons!

Something bright in all!

Flowers in the summer,

Fires in the fall!

Robert Louis Stevenson.

I took the photo of the rose this morning with the moisture of last night’s rain still showing. It was the kind of autumn morning with cobwebs everywhere you looked. I don’t like spiders but I love the beauty of their webs.

(If you click on any photo you can enlarge the image.)

I managed a little more stitching on my banner at the weekend – I’ll post a photo next time.

The photo below shows a little gift fob that I mailed out this morning to the lady who bought all the silks from my destash page.  I try to include a small  gift with all the envelopes that I mail out.  It’s my way of saying thanks to the people who buy something.  It can be as simple as a pack of needles, a piece of fabric or something I’ve made.

This fob was made from a variety of beads and I chose to make it with a soft suede ribbon – I’ve noticed that some stitchers don’t like the lobster clasps because they can tarnish their scissors.

Finally for today can I say thanks to the people who have added me to their list of “blogs I visit”  – it’s always really nice to see your blog showing as a link.  I haven’t got round to adding more to my list but it’s not because I don’t visit other blogs.  I’m always unsure of the “blogging etiquette” and unwritten code of what’s okay and what’s not.

Thanks for dropping in today.  Please pop in for a visit again soon.