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October 4, 2010  |  Featured Posts

Welcome to another week and the first Monday of October.


Out of sight they spend whole summers

growing spiky in the leaf corners.

We never hear them drop,

their swell and fall

is secret as imagination.

In split shells they lie,

nuggets for polishing.

Matthew collected a few conkers at the weekend,  but most of them were pretty small.

I’ve still been working on my autumn banner but it’s been slow progress. At this rate, autumn will be over before I manage to finish it.  I’ve been going out to work more than usual and it means my craft time has been greatly reduced.

At the weekend I bought my first ever hibiscus.  I didn’t realise the flowers would open so quickly.  It went from bud to open flower overnight.

I shop a lot in Marks and Spencer and I buy most of my orchids there so I decided to try something else for a change – I must say I don’t regret it as it looks really pretty with the flowers open.

I hope you all had a good and productive weekend.  The weekends truly fly past these days.  Thanks for dropping by and please pop in again soon.

PS Thanks for the lovely comments about my local area – it’s actually very ordinary – the photos must have made it look nicer!!


  1. The banner is coming along. Beautiful hibiscus.

  2. The banner is looking great, but I absolutely adore the acorn basket lid. Who is the designer of that one? Just gorgeous!

  3. Oh, I know about the working too much bit! Which means stitching suffers. I hope it won’t be too long for you to finish your banner. It looks really cute!

    I love hibiscus. Many, many years ago when we were in Hawaii I remember seeing those beauties grow as hedges!

  4. Great going on the banner, it will be lovely. And the acorn basket is adorable! Karen, it’s a Cross-Eyed Cricket called Infant Oaks – been meaning to stitch it for ages (one of many…)

  5. The banner is looking great and I love your acorn basket. Beautiful Hibiscus

  6. Hi – I looked around and found that the acorn circle pattern with the alphabet is the Cross-Eyed Cricket leaflet #220 “Infant Oaks”. It’s very cute!

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