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As you can see the sisters are getting along just fine.  Poppy is gradually getting used to sharing us with Rosa and Brandy, of course.

Rosa is growing so quickly and is as wild as the heather.  She’s a very naughty kitten and I’ve had to have a major tidy in my craft room as she keeps stealing things and running off with them.  That in itself wouldn’t be a problem but then Brandy steals the stolen item from her and chews it till you are hard pressed to know what it was in the first instance.  I suppose what I’m saying is that currently my house is a little chaotic.

The little angel.

I couldn’t resist including this photo of Poppy that I took last week.

How to relax.

Last week when I was on annual leave the weather was gorgeous for most of the week so it was lovely to get out and about in the sunshine for a change.  It was also good being home when the Olympic Games were on as I could watch some of the highlights.

I’ve managed to do a little stitching.  I made a start on a new band sampler which I’m looking forward to stitching.  I’m adapting a couple of designs to make one that suits me.

I had also started this little bargello piece and was intending to stitch a pincushion but I think I’ll make it longer and finish it as a bookmark for a small gift. I adapted the design and the colour palette from a Rosewood Manor chart.

I’m hoping to finish it fairly quickly as I’ve got a few other bits and pieces that I want to work on.

I’ll leave you today with a photo that I took a couple of days ago.  The garden has been odd this year with the weather being so unsettled.  In fact our magnolia has a new bloom on it which is very peculiar at this time of year.

I hope you are enjoying sunny days wherever you are, take care and thanks for dropping by and also for your lovely comments.


  1. Oh that photo of Rosa – such an angel indeed! I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a prettier cat. I’m glad the sisters ar getting along – our bunch just hiss and snarl and swat at each other – perhaps that passes for affection too? I loved the photo of Poppy all sprawled out – you can tell that the animals ‘rule’ in your home Ann!

  2. Poppy is hysterical! She looks like she sleeps like a human all sprawled like that. Rosa is very cute! Love the bargello bookmark you have started. I’ve never tried that before but it’s very pretty!

  3. Margaret Stedman

    Cute photos of the cats. I am pleased they are getting on well with each other. Pity they have so much interest in the craft room though!! Enjoy the remainder of summer won’t you. I’m looking forward to seeing progress reports of the band sampler. You certainly have an excellent eye for colour.

  4. Oh gosh, those are great photos! Rosa is so cute and just has that “look” on her face like you gotta watch out! That’s a funny photo of Poppy chilling out on the couch. Glad to hear the kitties are getting along so well!

    Good luck on guarding your stash! 😉

  5. Naughty but oh so cute! LOL! That picture of Poppy stretched out on the couch is just precious. Lovely stitching and gorgeous flower.


  6. Me to husband- Look at this picture.
    Husband- What is that?
    Me- That is one very relaxed cat.

    Gotta love that Poppy. So glad that sweet Rosa is settling in.

  7. That photo of Poppy is brilliant, I don’t think she could look any more relaxed.

    Great colours in your bargello piece.

  8. Hello Ann…I have just met lovely Rosa…Oh my, you are going to have so much fun!
    The weather is very strange isn’t it? We have had only wind and rain for the last couple of days….
    Love your stitching as always…I do love bargello designs!
    Hope you are having a good week,
    Susan x

  9. OMG Rosa is absolutely adorable!!!

    I love the Bargello.

  10. I’m so glad I just found your blog! I’ve been wondering how to follow you. I love your cats and that photo of Poppy is hilarious. My cat likes to get involved in my stash too! Beautiful stitching and start on Rosewood Manor

  11. Fantastic photo of Poppy! Glad Rosa’s settling in well.

    Your new projects are lovely

  12. What beautiful cats. Love your stitching. and your gift from your friend margaret is so lovely , hugs.

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