Can it be?

August 31, 2012  |  Featured Posts

Can tomorrow really be the first of September?  It certainly doesn’t feel as though it is with summer being such a miserable season with us.

Rosa is still growing like a weed and she and Poppy are developing into firm friends.  I’m glad, as there is no guarantee that cats will take to each other, even sisters.  I think the little one is good company for Poppy which is the main reason we got her.

I’ve been doing a little stitching and a very little knitting.  Rosa loves to run off with wool the minute I bring it out.

I finished this bookmark to give as a gift, it turned out quite nicely and I was fairly happy with the end result.  As you know, I’m not comfortable when finishing is needed so it’s something I only do on the odd occasion.

I started a little Shepherd’s Bush gift bag as I’d like to make a few for Christmas extras using different designs, so this is sort of a trial.

I usually work my stitching on Siesta bar frames as I stitch mainly with Permin linen. However this design was more suited to Belfast linen and I find it’s not the best linen to stretch on a frame.  I’m trying to stitch “in hand” but it doesn’t come naturally to me.

Does anyone have any suggestions to the best way to work with Zweigart linen to stop it becoming floppy in a stitching frame?

The next two photos show a lovely gift sent to me by Margaret in New Zealand.  Margaret does the most beautiful stitching – I really do admire the variety of work she tackles and her finishing is perfection.

The pretty box contained a variety of chocolate cookies, Belgian chocolate and a very neat little mouse that Margaret stitched.  You can see in this photo the beautiful stitching I mentioned.  I think the mouse is called a Marken Mouse and I know from reading Margaret’s blog that it was featured in an Australian magazine called Inspirations.

I’ve got a fairly busy weekend planned but tomorrow I’m hoping to visit Stirling where there is a wool shop that I enjoy spending time in.  I’m looking for wool for a small scrappy toy that I would like to knit.  I often see finished designs on Ravelry and I feel that it’s the combination of colour and type of yarn used that makes design look so good.  I think that colour is one of the single most important factors in all craft work.

I hope you enjoy your weekend wherever you are and that you find time to relax and create.  Thanks for dropping by and take care.


  1. Oh, just look at your cats! They are so sweet.
    I love the gift parcel you got from Margaret, mostly because of that little hardanger mouse. I saw them on a web site and loved them. I have done a little hardanger but when it comes to it, I daren’t cut the threads! Irene xxx

  2. Ann – Here’s hoping you have a long, sunny warm autumn to enjoy. I stitch all my ‘smalls’ using Q-Snaps they work great at keeping the linen tight.

  3. Sorry you have had a miserable summer Ann. Perhaps Mother Nature will make up for it by giving you a mild winter?

    It’s so nice to see that Poppy and Rosa are such good friends. It is amazing that they are snuggling like that. Two of mine (who are siblings) occasionally curl up together – but never with the others.

    Your bargello bookmark turned out beautifully!

    Ooh, Cookie Time cookies… they are delicious. My favourite is the Cookie Time Chocolate Fix which has extra big chunks of chocolate in it (and surely a lot more calories! lol).

    Hope you have a lovely weekend, and an enjoyable day in Stirling.

  4. What a cute picture of the cats 🙂 The bookmark is really pretty, and what a great gift from Margaret.

  5. The photo of your cats is so nice to look at, i love that they can sleep that way.

    Your bookmark is very pretty, i like the beads on the end.

    I hope you can enjoy the Autumn more that the Summer.

    Hugs Yvon.

  6. Hello Ann…How lovely to see that Poppy and Rosa are becoming such firm friends. They do look so content there, don’t they?…You must have so much fun with them!
    I love your book mark.It’s a treasure and such lovely gifts from Margaret too…the little mouse is adorable!
    I can’t believe we’re in September either…my, time does fly these days.
    Hope you are having a lovely week,
    Susan x

  7. Great photo of Poppy and Rosa 🙂

    Your book mark is lovely and you got some lovely gifts from Margaret, the mouse is adorable

  8. Just found your wonderful blog!

  9. I love that little bookmark, it looks very special. And wow, what a lovely little mouse you got. Be glad that the mouse didn’t eat all the chocolate which was in the package from Australia, lol.

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