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September 22, 2012  |  Featured Posts

I’ve not been around these last few weeks as we’ve had the most awful time with Poppy and Rosa.

Feeling Sorry For Myself

Poppy took unwell two and a half weeks ago and Rosa took unwell a week ago.  They both have the strain of cat flu called Calicivirus and things haven’t been good.

They’ve both been vaccinated against cat flu and are indoor cats so no one knows how this happened.

Poppy still has a sore eye and ulcers in her mouth but is gradually getting there, we hope. We were desperately worried about Rosa this week as she developed a kitten form of this virus which gives the kitten an extremely high temperature and lameness.  She had to be hospitalised at the vet for two days – her temperature has now stablised and hopefully she’s over the worst.

As you can imagine, any form of craft has taken a back seat as my days have largely been filled with nursing sick kitties.  I did manage a bit of knitting as I found it easier to settle to and I finished this little lavender sachet.

I’ve started a little pincushion to match the needlebook that I finished a little while back.

Our weather has been very mixed, although today is nicer than it’s been and the sun is shining- it’s very autumnal though.  Yesterday morning the temperature was four degrees – that’s pretty cold for this time of year.

I noticed this little fellow in the garden through the week – it’s our first robin since last winter.

When I was taking his photo, this collared dove appeared.

Thanks for popping in for a visit and thanks too for your kind comments.    I’ll leave you today with a little quote from Walter C Hagen.

You are only here for a short visit.

Don’t hurry.  Don’t worry.

And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.


  1. I hope everything will go better with your two little sweet kittens.
    That really sounds like an awful week, i hope that you can enjoy a nice weekend.
    Your projects look very nice, we haven’t seen our Robin yet but it starts to get cooler, so maybe it will show itself this coming week.

    Hugs Yvon.

  2. Oh, Ann, I’m so sorry to hear about your kitties. I hope they will get well real soon. I don’t know what else to say as I know you are worrying (as I would be too). I’m sending good thoughts your way!

  3. Poor kitties…they are so pretty. Hope they will soon be better. It is so difficult when our fur babies are ill, they cannot tell us how they really feel.

  4. Hoping for continued Kitty recovery Ann. Perhpas your outdoor birds can provide a bit of entertainment for them!

  5. Your lavendar sachet is very pretty, I bet it smells lovely too.

    Sorry to hear your girls have been so unwell. I hope they are on the mend and back to making mischief soon.

  6. Poor kitties. I do hope things will look up for you and for them.
    The lavender saceht is beautiful.

  7. I’m so sorry about your babies’ illness – I hope they’ll recover fully and soon. Best wishes to both, and to you. The sachet is really pretty.

  8. Hello Ann…I feel so sad to hear that lovely Poppy and Rosa have been so unwell and I’m sending them my very best wishes to be feeling much better soon and a big hug to you too. It must all be such a worry for you.
    Your lavender sachet is so pretty and how lovely to be visited by the little robin and the collared dove…they both tend to visit our garden too and it’s always a treat,
    Take care,
    Susan x
    P.S Love the quote!

  9. Oh Ann. I hope that the girls are back to being themselves soon. I haven’t ever heard of that illness. I am so glad that they are over the rough part.
    Your little lavender sachet is lovely and your flame stitch start is very pretty.
    Take care and tell the girls hello from me.

  10. Oh no! So sorry to hear that the kitties are so sick! I hope they get back to their normal playful selves soon. Pretty pincushion! Hope you find the time for stitching soon!

  11. Ooh! You have changed your header! Very seasonal.

  12. I’m sooo sorry to hear about your cats! Oh my goodness I would be useless if my two kitties fell ill!

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