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September 28, 2012  |  Featured Posts

Am I the only person who thinks that time has speeded up – the weeks seem to flash past and the weekend is here and gone before we know it.

I’m trying hard to get into a better routine now that I have changed my working hours to mornings only.  I’m determined to make time each week for baking, beading, knitting and stitching alongside all the other mundane things that need done each day. When I baked yesterday I ended up with two little helpers – one with flour sieving and one in the sink.

They are both feeling better, I would say that Rosa has made a full recovery but Poppy is still on medication and isn’t quite there yet.  It hasn’t stopped her from getting into mischief though.

I have managed a little more stitching on the bargello pincushion.  I decided to keep it to two sets of colours instead of four.  I’m stitching it on 35 count lambswool with Soie D’Alger silks – they are my favourite silks to work with.  I keep meaning to post my Needlepoint Inc silks for sale as I never work with them.  I’ll try to get round to that sometime soon.

I have also got a knitting finish to show – it’s the first for ages.

It’s a “Scrappy Bunny” which was fun to knit but not so much fun to put together.  I’m gradually learning how to improve my sewing together of toys and also the embroidering of facial features.  Designers make it look so easy but it’s not and it takes practice if you want to end up with something that looks good and not something you would find at a “jumble sale”.

I took this little fellow to work this morning and a colleague bought him for her young nephew.  The money she paid will go to the charity box we keep at work – we choose a different charity to give to each time we reach a certain amount in the box.

I’ll finish today with another little poem that appealed to me.  I don’t know who wrote this one.

The wise words your mother said

And you pretended not to hear,

May linger somewhere in your head

And return in later years.

Her sound advice from long ago

Could well be what you need

To help you know, and they may show

The best way to proceed.

Thanks for stopping by today and thanks too for your kind comments regarding the kitties.  Take care.

PS I’ve managed to get my banner changed to being a bit more seasonal, I’m hoping to do the same with my little sidebar pics too.


  1. I’m glad your two little ones are better. Your bunny is smashing, well done.

  2. I’m glad to see that the kitties are a lot better now and can “help”you with the baking.
    Your Bunny and the bargello are both looking great.
    The banner spells autumn for me, i really like it.
    The flowers on the first photo are beautiful.

    Hugs Yvon.

  3. I am so sorry I missed your post about your two kitties being poorly, but am really glad to hear they are recovering. I love your Bargello work. Irene xxx

  4. I’m so glad the kitties are on the mend! Your Bargello progress looks great but I am over the moon with your knitted bunny. So cute!

  5. No you’re not the only one. Time is a zippin’ past!

    It looks like Rosa and Poppy are well on their way to recovery, since they are helping you in the kitchen! I remember a few years back having visitors and one being rather horrified that one of my cats was on the kitchen bench. I wonder if anyone will pass by your blog and think ‘Tut tut’. lol.

    Your bargello piece is looking lovely – such pretty colours, and your knitted rabbit is just adorable!

  6. So good to see that your beautiful furry helpers are both feeling better – I hope they continue to progress to good health – I can tell that you delight in their company.

  7. I’m so glad the kitties are feeling better & are up to ‘helping’ with the baking!

    Your bunny is lovely and you are making good progress on the needlebook

  8. Great news about the kitties. I love your little rabbit and am pleased he found a new home.

  9. No, you’re not the only one, I just feel the passing of the time the same way – always too fast. I’m sure that the next three days will go by even faster because I’m off work, lol.
    Your little bunny is a real sweetie.

  10. What a time with your fur family. I hope that thigs settle down and that everyone is well. The girls look very happy together.
    Your stitching is wonderful. I love the flame stitch.
    I love your knitting too.
    Your blog header looks great! Fall is my favorite season.
    Have a great week 🙂

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