Mother Nature

October 30, 2012  |  Featured Posts

I often go on about Mother Nature and the beautiful world we live in but I think that today many thousands of people will not share that view.  I just hope that this dreadful storm passes over quickly – I can’t imagine how frightening it must be to sit and wait for this to happen knowing that your home may be destroyed.

My craft progress has been very slow of late.  It’s not that I’ve been sitting idle, it’s just that I keep chopping and changing.

I was going to stitch a sewing case which was a mix of techniques but once I got started it didn’t inspire me at all.  I then changed to another design which I couldn’t get enthusiastic about either.  I’ve now decided to adapt a Shepherd’s Bush design.  I’m hoping for third time lucky.

I then started my new blog header based on a Mary Engelbreit alphabet.  I loved the crispness of the design and the colours but I decided that the letters were all too similar.

The next photo shows the blog header design that I finally decided upon.  It’s from a mix of charts by Acufactum and I’m happy with my choice.  The little lady you can see was a bit fiddly to stitch as the designer goes in for a lot of partial stitches but fun all the same.  The letters look less fiddly and I will adapt them to suit what I’m happier with.

The apple pincushion came all the way from Australia and will travel all the way to the States as a gift.  It’s for a lady who I write to who is in her nineties and she loves to stitch and quilt so I know she will make good use of the pincushion.

I’ve been knitting a little but not as much – I just wish I hadn’t wasted so much time to-ing and fro-ing.  My time has also been taken up with caring for little Rosa who had surgery last week as it was time to have her spayed.  I was also busy planning things for Matthew’s 18th birthday which was on Saturday.  He had a lovely weekend of celebrations with family and friends. (Please ignore the walls in the photo, we’re currently stripping wallpaper in the kitchen).

Thanks for stopping by to visit and for your lovely comments – I love the connection that blogging brings.  Stay safe wherever you are.

PS.  All the photos in my blog are “clickable”.


  1. Your new header promises to be very pretty – Acufactum designs are really good, IMHO. Many happy returns to Matthew for his 18th birthday.

  2. Hope this is the end of Rosa’s visits to the vet for the next long while! I quite like your autumn themed header.

  3. I love your new work it looks very tiny to stitch.
    And i sure hope that you don’t have to visit the vet for a long time now, the photo of Rosa and Poppy is very cute, they seem to getting along very good.

    Hugs Yvon.

  4. Happy Birthday to Matthew!

    It must be terrible to wait, quite helpless against the force of the oncoming storm, not knowing what will happen to your home.

    I wondered again what I would choose to save from my possessions if I had to, and it’s funny, but when it really comes to it, none of the carefully acquired and sometimes quite expensive things really mattered that much. A few photos are irreplaceable, but every thing else I could live without! A salutary lesson! Irene xxx

  5. Congratulations Matthew!! I hope that your birthday was fabulous.
    So nice to see an update Ann. I hope that Rosa is recovering.
    I love your blog headers and will enjoy seeing hoe the next one progresses.
    I know that your friend will love the pincushion.
    Happy Halloween!

  6. Happy Birthday to your son! It’s a big birthday, or at least one the young people look forward to.
    Your new header alphabet already looks very promising and I’m already so curious to see more of it.

  7. That apple pincushion is fantastic Ann! I am sure your pen pal friend will love it! Happy Birthday to your son, Matthew!

  8. Belated happy birthday to Matthew. I love the fact that there will be a new blog header to look forward to!

  9. Lovely new blog header you are starting on! I like the little lady and that apple is so wonderful, I’m sure your friend will cherish it. Happy Birthday to your son!

  10. Your new header is looking lovely so far, happy birthday to your son

  11. You take such beautiful pictures Ann. x

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