Caught in the act.

November 12, 2012  |  Featured Posts

It wasn't me.

Do I look guilty?

I suppose that would be YES.

This is one of Rosa’s many favourite things to do – each one being naughtier than the last.

Progress on the stitching front has been slow as I ended up being unwell for the second half of last week.  I took a cold type virus that was particularly nasty and was off work for two days with it.  I suppose it’s one of the drawbacks of working on a busy reception in a health centre.   There are three large doctor’s practice receptions and we are all in the same area so it’s hard to avoid the germs that come through the door.

I managed to make a start on a small sewing case and I made some progress on my new banner.   It’s a fun piece to work on.

I’ve been changing around my needlework storage etc and constantly wonder about how other stitchers store their bits and pieces.   Every time I organise my fabric I promise myself that it will stay tidy but it never does.  As soon as I go looking for a new piece to start a project, I seem to upset the order of things.  I suppose it stems from the fact that I am never happy with my first fabric choice.

I’ve ordered a traveling stitcher’s project keeper to try using this for one of my current projects.  My main problem at the moment is a kitten and a young cat who think everything is fair game.  If I leave anything for just a moment it disappears across the floor with Poppy, Rosa and Brandy close behind.

Although I’ve got two designs ongoing just now, I’m tempted to begin another bargello piece.   I have a pattern for an etui which I haven’t stitched and I think it’s because I don’t like the thread colours used.  I saw a lovely mix of colours on another pattern so I think I’ll try to change them to suit.  I know I shouldn’t start yet another project but I find the bargello work so relaxing to do that I can pick it up when I don’t feel like stitching anything else.

Thanks for popping in today and also for your recent comments, I do appreciate each and every one.  Have a lovely week wherever you are.

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  1. I LOVE the photo’s of your kittens, they are so beautiful!
    Your new banner start is looking very lovely, i hope you can go on with that one.
    The flower of the fuchsia is beautiful, we had a couple but the have a little more purple in the flower.

    I hope you will feel really better soon. that virus is running around in this area also, and it’s not a nice one to have.

    Hugs Yvon.

  2. Oh but the pussy-cat looks ever so innocent with those large lovely eyes! Look forward to seeing your new banner – it looks charming. I too have fuchsia blooming in November -crazy!

  3. Do hope you are feeling better Ann. What beautiful cats! They certainly are both charmers.

  4. They may be a handful, but they’re so sweet 🙂 Your new banner is looking great. I hope you’ve recovered from the illness.

  5. The girls look great. So glad that evryone is well and causing trouble.
    Binx definitely thinks that anything of mine is his, floss, there are chew marks on the plastic bags that I have projects in. Ugh!
    I love your current Beadlework stitching.
    Have a great week!

  6. The trouble with cats is that when they do naughty things like destroy toilet rolls, it’s just so cute you can’t be mad at them. Rosa is obviously feeling much better. (I hope you are too).

    I also have difficulty keeping my stitching stuff tidy. I have a set of drawers in a spare room where I keep it all, and projects I am working on are kept in my foot stool in the lounge – but neither stay tidy for long.

    Your new Beadlework banner is looking great!

  7. Hello Ann!…I’m catching up on my blog visits tonight and it’s always a treat to read what you’ve been up to here. Glad to read that you’re feeling much better now too…there are some nasty things doing the rounds at the moment, aren’t there?
    I can see that lovely Poppy and Rosa are keeping you busy as always…Oh, but you would be lost without them now….they have brought so much fun with them!
    I love your latest stitching …it will be such a beautiful banner and a great advert for your work.
    Oh dear, I have the same problem with all my fabric too. I spend so much time tidying and as soon as I start a new project I seem to end up with the same old chaos!
    Happy New Week,
    Susan x

  8. I hope you’re feeling better now, looks like Poppy & Rosa are keeping you on your toes!

    Your new banner is looking lovely

  9. I love your cats. Siamese are so mischievous. We had a couple when I was a kid, and people think they are aloof but your photos prove that they are not. x

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