Stitching and stashing.

November 23, 2012  |  Featured Posts

I’ve managed to make a little banner progress this week. I’m still enjoying this stitch, it’s fun to choose what to do with each letter.

Do you ever go through spells of having to acquire stash? I know that I do and recently I had one of those spells. Below you can see some of the things I ordered and I’m still waiting on some items to arrive from overseas.

The book you can see is long out of print and I was lucky enough to see it up for sale on the Needleprint blog. It looks good for designing band samplers etc.
The flame stitch etui is a chart that’s long out of print too, I found it on a vintage website. The colours drew me to the design.

I bought the heart kit to stitch as a wedding gift and the threads are for a chart that I’ve wanted to do for a while now but hadn’t got round to ordering the threads from Germany.

I bought this scissors stand design as it really appealed to me. I think it’s quite a clever design but I have changed the actual stitching to suit me. I’m going to stitch a different seasonal bird design on each pocket.
The hummingbirds are fun to work on as they are such pretty colours.

My two little friends are still causing chaos.

I’m just about to go and do a complete rethink of how I store my knitting and needlework as they keep getting into it and running of with wool, thread, charts etc. I’ve moved it, I’ve put it in bags and up high but nothing seems to deter them. All the pretty storage baskets and boxes I normally use are a sure fire target for them.
I’m not sure how I’m going to achieve something that will work as I don’t want to resort to plastic containers.

I hope Thanksgiving Day went well for those of you who celebrated it yesterday. Thanks for popping in today and for your lovely comments too. Take care till next time.

PS If you are the type of person who enjoys joining in stitching challenges then Nicola over at Stitching by a Cornish Sea Shore has just started one that might appeal to sampler lovers. I’ve decided to join which is a first for me. You can find a link to her blog in my sidebar.


  1. I really do think we have a lot in common. Besides AVAS I adore vintage sewing books.

    Your banner is adorable.

  2. The banner is coming right along – very much like your color selection. You’ve made some most interesting purchases in your lastest “Stash Accumulation”. I am charmed by what I see of the hummingbird thus far! And oh – the pussy-cats!!! They are being veritable nuisances I am sure, but how does one stay angry at such charming and beautiful faces? I think they are both saying, “Please, please, please play with us! We are feeling ever so much better now!”

  3. I love seeing what you got for your stash. Great choices. You banner is coming along well. Mischief they may be but your cats are sooo cute

  4. Great new stash for you,I really like that scissors stand that will be very handy to use.
    The banner is growing nicely and the kittens look adorable.

    Hugs Yvon.

  5. You have brought some wonderful stash, all looks so beautiful.
    your cats are so lovely , the only thing I could think of for your stash if you look around they have little stands that have baskets inside you just push them in and out.
    I would love to have joined you and Nicola but I have 5 SALs on the go now and just no time to allow any more.
    Your scissor stand is going to be great. hugs.

  6. What lovely new stash, and the banner is coming along so nicely. Have a nice weekend.

  7. Love how your banner is coming along! And what fun stash! Sometimes I go through stashing phases just like stitching phases. lol Hope you can figure out how to kitty-proof your stash.

  8. Oh wow Ann! I love how your Banner is coming along! I just went through a stash buying frenzy too. The needleprint book looks like it will be full of wonderful things to stitch. I love the bright flame stitch etui too!! I have to purchase my materials to start on Nicola’s challenge. Can’t wait to get going in January!!

  9. Both the banner and the scissor stand are looking lovely.

    You’ve got some great stash

  10. Hello Ann,
    Your new banner is looking beautiful..I’m so looking forward to seeing it finished..Yes, filling my stash always gives me new inspiration…it’s definitely a must every now and again! Your little kitties are just adorable..I love seeing your pics!
    Thank you for calling by today and your kind comments,
    Hope you’re having a good week,
    Susan x

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