December rush.

December 10, 2012  |  Featured Posts

My husband drives around a lot with his work and he noticed this pair at the side of a country road. They are such stunning birds.

It’s that time of year again where each day goes by in a flash and I never seem to have enough time to achieve what I need to. The only cards I’ve written are the overseas ones and I’ve still got some presents to buy and to wrap. Stitching and knitting are sometimes a good way to de-stress, at least that’s my excuse.
I’ve been working steadily on the Scissors Stand – I mentioned that I’m changing the design on each side to do birds for each season. You can see from this photo that I’ve managed to complete summer and winter. I made a brief start on spring last night.

It’s fun to work on but a little fiddly too.
I’ve not made much headway with my banner as I unpicked a whole letter as it just didn’t look right at all.
I’ve also been busy with my choices for the Stitcher’s Challenge that I mentioned in my last post.

These are my three choices to begin with (says she ambitiously). I’m not sure which one I’ll start with but it’s fun choosing.
I also mentioned that I’ve had a recent splurge with stash acquisition – it’s such fun having lovely things arrive through the door.

This lovely box is a gift and was hand made by Barry Horton in France. It’s a limited edition as the box top is made of reclaimed wood and copper from HMS Victory.

This little kit and chart are from the Cheswick Company. I couldn’t resist the lovely velveteen rabbit sitting on the velvet pincushions. It looks easy enough for even me to tackle (I hope).

More kits by Acufactum, I won’t be stitching two of the kits as they come, I’ll be stitching elements from them instead.

Finally this gorgeous bear called out to be knitted post haste. I love the soft shabby look of the yarn so I am going to knit it exactly as it comes without substituting anything.

I should be writing cards instead of writing this post but I wanted to stop by and say hello to everyone. I hope the weather is being kind to you so far this winter (unless you live in Australia or New Zealand). We’ve had lots of frost and ice and some snow as well.
I’ll leave you with a photo of a constant visitor to our garden of late.

Winter visitor.

Thanks for dropping by and thanks too for your lovely comments. Take care.


  1. Oh I love the variety on your blog! The box from HMS Victory is wonderful – will be a real heirloom piece. Your scissor stand birds are coming along well. Cute little squirrel too.

  2. Peacocks are lovely aren’t they? They are also some of the noisiest birds on earth! What a wonderful much of stash to come your way in the last few days. I’ve never heard of Acufactum – must check them out. I do like your dear little birds – is that a Barbara Ana design be chance? I expect Mr. Squirrel has been hogging the bird feeder as of late.

  3. Lots of lovely stash, Ann! I especially love that hand made box – what a lovely heirloom. The two pieces for your scissor stand are really cute.

    BTW, look for something in the mailbox from Canada soon!

  4. Ooh, so much beautiful new stash – it is like Christmas has come early for you. I love the Velveteen rabbit and the sweet wooden box.

    I love your chart choices for the Scarlet Letter challenge. My kit has now arrived, so I will get stitching soon.

    Love the peacock and squirrel photos.

  5. Lovely post Ann , great stash my mouth is watering .
    Where did you buy your teddy pattern from he is way to cute. hugs.

  6. Lovely new stash, and that box is just gorgeous. Great stitching too, so colourful.

  7. The peacocks are beautiful! Wow, how interesting to just see them roaming out and about. Love the new stash. And the Barbara Ana stitching is soooo cute. These birdies really capture my attention!

  8. Oh Ann, such a lot of wonderful new stash. And tere is everything that a stitcher’s heart loves – charts, kits and a box for useful things.
    I also joined the Scarlet Letter Challenge but I haven’t made up my mind on which chart to order. It’s hard to choose from so many great samplers.

  9. You’ve got some great new stash, your box is gorgeous

    The birds for the scissor stand are lovely.

    Nice shots of the wildlife

  10. Those birds are adorable!!! I like the idea of changing a piece with the seasons. Look at those magnificent peacocks your Husband spotted!

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