January 12, 2013  |  Featured Posts

…………… brings the snow,

Makes our feet and fingers glow.

I have always loved the rhythmic flow of this poem written by Sara Coleridge.

Our weather is set to turn wintry over the next day or so and stay this way all week. I just hope it’s not too harsh.

Not that it matters to this little one who is an indoor cat alongside her big sister.

I’ve not got any stitching or knitting photos today, I’ve been in the doldrums this last week and have been doing lots of trial pieces for a teddy and for a new Scarlet Letter start. I should have some photos next post.

We were shopping in Edinburgh this morning and I noticed this cherry blossom starting to appear – you would normally expect to see it in March, at the earliest, but since January has been mild for us it’s showing early.

It was a lovely morning so the city was busy, I took this next photo as I liked the way the light was catching the tree.

This week I bought a new poetry book produced a few years ago by the Royal Horticultural Society and this morning I happened to notice this sign on a building that we often pass when in the city.

It’s strange that I had never noticed it before now having passed it over and over again. I wonder if buying the book made me see it.

I decided to have a go at having an orchid again – I’ve been reluctant to bring any flowers or plants home since Rosa joined us as she chews everything in sight.

I’ve positioned it in our lounge window as the door to this room is closed overnight and then again when we are at work. So far so good.

Thanks for stopping by today and for your lovely comments. Take care and stay warm.


  1. Stay warm Anne! Your kitty is beautiful, and good luck with your orchid.

  2. Good morning Ann! I’ve had problems focusing this week too on any stitching and even reading! I hope to start a new stitch this weekend! Fingers crossed I will stick with this one as it’s even bigger than the last!

    Oh little Rosa is so cute. I know what you mean about the chewing everything. Julius is the same one. Sometime last year or maybe even the previous, he started eating my flowers – he loves tulips and roses so now I can’t have them anyone he can get at! The orchids seem ok so far so I hope it will be the same for Rosa!

    Enjoy your sunny weekend. Here it is sunny and frosty!

  3. We’re in for some snow too according to the forecast – not a very high amount, but still a nuisance. Take care. Your orchid is beautiful.

  4. Ann – It is COLD this morning (21F)and our heatpump quit last night so it is 61F inside now and I’m bundled up in sweaters – am thinking of diving back into bed! I hope you survive your spell of wintery weather in a heated home. The Hort plaque is so very pretty…and pussy cats are beautiful as always. I do hope you find something that interests you to stitch – I always think terrible winter weather makes for great stitching weather!

  5. Beautiful Orchid, love the colour. Hope we don’t have a bad winter after all the rain we have had I am so ready for spring. My bulbs are coming up every where
    Love Rosa. Hugs

  6. Awww, your kitty is so sweet! Love seeing pics of Edinburgh. I hope the cherry trees survive the cold. Sorry you’re in the doldrums — hope they go away.

  7. Your kitten is adorable! Makes me want a 3rd!!! (not allowed)

  8. Lovely photo’s, hope you’ve not had too much bad weather

  9. Hello Ann….I was thinking about Poppy and Rosa when I was knitting my blanket and all the other little cats I love to see in blogland….Love your pics as always..Edinburgh is such a beautiful city!
    Keep warm and enjoy your stitching and knitting!
    Susan x

  10. Lets hope Rosa doesn’t chew on the orchid. Good luck with it too! I never seem to be able to keep one. Sweet photos!

  11. We’ve had snow, lots and lots od snow in January – there was just one week without. And even more snow now in February. I must admit that I’ve had enough, lol. Time for spring …

  12. So nice to have a quiet day at home. The pic of the girls is so sweet.
    I am sorry to hear about your shoulder. I hope that it is better soon and doesn’t continue to interfere with your stitching. I am looking forward to seeing all your bunny projects progress.
    Have a great rest of the week.

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