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………………………brings the rain,
Thaws the frozen lake again.

Or perhaps not – we’ve had such a mix of weather recently. Today is sunny, cold and dry but we’ve had quite a few flurries of snow lately.

I love a splash of colour at this time of year so I bought this little rose for the reception desk where I work.

Since my last post I’ve not been doing much in the way of stitching as I’ve been suffering from a “popping” right shoulder which is painful as is my neck.
I’ve tried to do a major adjustment on the way I stitch and how I sit to see if it will help ease the problem. I’m trying to stitch “in hand” to see if it helps and so far so good. Holding the fabric in hand has it’s drawbacks though and it will take me a while to adjust.

I’ve also changed the type of fabric I work with as the stiff Permin linen isn’t so easy to handle without a frame. This rabbit is one of a pair that I want to stitch for my kitchen wall. We’re currently painting the walls and I think they would look good on the new colour we’ve chosen.

Continuing with the rabbit theme in my knitting – I’ve been working on several trial bunnies – I wouldn’t like to tell you how many I’ve started and discarded. I’m happy now with what I’m working on and hope to knit three over the next few weeks.

The one above will be dressed but the ones below won’t. They are a trial mix of bunny and bear patterns that I haven’t reached a decision on yet.

They are worked from mohair/silk knitted double. I enjoy working with this yarn and love the depth of colour the mohair gives.

Unless this pair are sleeping, craft of any kind is a trial. No matter whether it’s knitting, stitching or sewing they run off with everything that isn’t tied down.
Not that I mind really, I love having them running round causing chaos and wouldn’t change them as they are so entertaining.

Today I’m on holiday which has been lovely. I’ve spent the morning working on a little three dimensional bird – if it works out okay then I’ll hopefully be able to share some photos next time. Till then…….take care and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Oh dear, I’m sorry about your painful shoulder, and I hope it heals soon. Your stitching and knitting projects are lovely and look like great fun. And that rose is just so beautiful. So is the picture of your cats, so sweet.

  2. Ann – Such a pretty rose and I love the photo of the puss-cats looking out upon the gray day. You have many things that you are working on – looks like a bit of a bunny theme going on – I look forward to seeing progress and I hope you have found a work-around for your injured shoulder.

  3. Good morning, Ann!

    I love the photo of the girls and giggle at their antics. I have a room with a door, otherwise I think my crafts would have been strewn here and there as well!

    As to the pain in your right shoulder…many years ago I broke my right collarbone. After that I had to use a scroll frame so that I can use both hands while I’m stitching. Lifting my arm up and down was not good for me! I hope you find a way to stitch that won’t give you pain.

    Enjoy your day off. It’s a day off here too and I’m happy as can be at that!

  4. I can hear every word you say about your shoulder – I was suffering from the same pains last week, but it’s slowly getting better. I hope your shoulder will be better soon, too.

  5. What a bummer about your shoulder. I tend to have that problem as well. Also a painful neck. Stitching in hand works for me. I hope you find it works for you as well. Love what your are stitching, and the bunny knitting looks great so far. Your kitties are pretty together — they look like they are posing for that picture.

  6. Such a pretty rose! Love that bright pink color. And the kittens look so cute sitting and looking out together. I hope your shoulder pain improves. I have to be careful with my posture when stitching as I have lots of neck and shoulder issues. Sometimes, looking down so much aggravates it. Can’t wait to see your bunnies develop! Enjoy your day off! 🙂

  7. Beautiful flowers, beautiful stitching and yarn! I love your kitty photo. I was stitching last night, and one of my cats was trying to steal a skein of thread! Take care Anne.

  8. So sorry to hear your shoulder is popping out! That’s not a good thing. I hope you get that looked at and take it easy. Beautiful stitching and lovely photos too. The pop of colour makes these drab days seem not so bad 😀

  9. What a beautiful flower , what a uplifting it gives on such a dull day . Hope you feel better with your neck , I am having the same pain with my neck this week, all your kitting and stitching looks lovely and so do those lovely cats, hugs.

  10. I love that little bird, really cute.
    I know how you feel about using a sewing machine – I have infinite patience when hand sewing, and none at all on the machine. I whiz along like someone demented and wonder why I am dissatisfied with the result which is usually wobbly, gathered up underneath with lots of strsy threads and most likely has holes where I ran off the edge. Ring bells with you??? Irene xxx

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