Is it Spring yet?

May 29, 2013  |  Featured Posts

One minute it feels like Spring is here and then we take a step back into colder weather. Here in Scotland it’s been so cold for May and a week or so ago we had quite a bit of snow up north with roads closed.

I’m still not managing to stitch much at all even though I’ve given canvas work a try to see if it helps.

I made a new start on a cats banner for my kitchen wall but I’ve not managed to make much progress as my shoulder is still flaring up. I’m trying to do a little at a time to see if it helps. The canvas work was okay but I couldn’t get enthusiastic about it so it’s been consigned to the workbasket for the time being.

I’m still managing to knit a bit and I’m enjoying it which is all that matters. I finished this rabbit last night and I’m not sure where she will end up. I used a mix of patterns which in hindsight I think is a mistake.

I’m working on another rabbit by Little Cotton Rabbits – Julie has just released her rabbit girl and boy patterns and I’ve admired them for a while so I had to buy both to give them a try.
The patterns are very well written and easy to follow – I’ve got most of the boy knitted and I’m currently sewing him together – it’s the sewing up that takes most of the time and the skill. Getting the face right can be very tricky and needs patience.

Although the weather is still cool the garden has been showing a lot of new blossom. We have three magnolias and two of them are currently flowering.

The flowers in the top photo are really big whereas the one in the second photo are much smaller and more delicate.

The two “girls” are still causing mayhem on a daily basis. Rosa decided to strip some of the new wallpaper that has just gone up in the kitchen. Fortunately it’s only a small area which Alan will be able to fix easily.

I’ve updated by the image I use when I comment on other blogs and it now shows Poppy and Rosa together. It’s the first one below.

Back to back and no nonsense!

I’m thinking of trying to do a little over one piece to see if working much smaller would help – I’m not convinced that I’ll get anywhere with it as it’s not my favourite thing to do. I was going to try either 28 count Permin or 25 count Dublin linen. I thought that one of the round people from a Shepherd’s Bush stocking might be fun so I’m going to have a look and choose which one appeals the most. I have them all except the most recent one.

I’ve also spent some time re-teaching myself the basic crochet skills that I had learned almost two years ago. I’ve enjoyed it and want to keep going with it to see if I can reach a level of skill that I feel happy with.

I hope all is well in your part of the world, thanks for visiting and take care.


  1. What’s wrong with the little bunny – I think she’s smashing! I hope your shoulder gives you a break and that you’ll be stitching again soon. Take care.

  2. Lovely post , great photos .
    Love your girls.
    The rabbit is so cute and your stitching is looking good.

    Sorry about your shoulder I pulled mine last week when in the garden but it’s ok again now, hugs.

  3. I love seeing your two cats! So cute! Your rabbit is adorable! Too bad your shoulder bothers you so much. Have you tried stitching with your arm staying down by your side? I stitch like that because my shoulder complains otherwise. Just pull the thread through with your fingers bit by bit instead of in a big swoop of the arm. Of course, I don’t know if that’s why your shoulder hurts. Just a thought, cause that’s my problem.

  4. Margaret Stedman

    Beautiful photos. I do hope you get some relief from your shoulder pain soon.

  5. I like seeing the “bookend girls”. They look very sweet together.

    Sorry to hear your shoulder is still bothering you. My left one is troubling me but at least that’s not my stitching arm. I hope you find some relief soon.

    Love the cute bunny!

  6. Your question is the same question I ask myself each day. Sometimes a little sun, and oftne, much too often rain and cold. The marguerites on our garden lawn have been waiting for the sun for nearly two weeks now and they still don’t dare to bloom. Magnolias are such wonderful trees but in our region there are only a few of them in protected places – our climate is just a bit too cold for them.

    This little bunny is so cute, and so are your cats. Great pictures.

    So sorry to hear that your shoulder is still acting up. I know that myself and it can be so painful. I hope it will soon feel a lot better.

  7. Sorry to are not able to stitch…at least you can knit and such cute bunnies too. Though it has been cold, you to have some spring blooms to enjoy. Love the photos of the girls – how great they get along so well together. Mine hiss and spit at one another.

  8. Hello Ann!
    I am so sorry that your shoulder is still acting up. I hate that it is impacting your stitching. I have to say that the little bunny is so sweet, just charming.
    The girls look happy and sassy!
    I hope that it warms up more for you too. It has been a crazy spring.

  9. Such a pretty bunny, she’s adorable.
    Beautiful and elegant cats.
    I hope you are soon pain free and able to enjoy more stitching.

  10. Love your cats – so beautiful…they make me miss my Siamese cats that I owned over the years although the 2 rescue cats I have now are best friends and spend their days grooming each other, playing and sleeping – like cats do!
    Posie Gets Cozy at has some cute bunny sewing/knitting patterns as well that you may enjoy.

  11. What a lovely blog and I love your stitching.Thanks for visiting me
    Hugs from Amsterdam
    Erna x

  12. Cute rabbit & lovely pictures of the cats.

    I hope that some of the sun has made it up north

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