Cyberclass fun.

June 10, 2013  |  Featured Posts

Well the sun is shining here in Scotland, at last. We’ve had a lovely spell of weather for over a week now and today is no exception. I’m glad as I’ve got a day of annual leave today.

At last I have a little stitching to show. I’ve made a few starts this last week and this is one of them. I thought I’d try a design that had varied stitches to see if it helps the whole repetitive problem with my neck and shoulder.
It’s far removed from my normal choice but when I saw it on another stitcher’s blog I really liked it. It’s only a little start but I think I’ll enjoy the change.
I’ve ordered a stitcher’s seat frame to see if it might make a difference if I stitch two handed.

I took part in this lovely Victoria Sampler Victorian Pincushion cyberclass and really enjoyed being part of it. I’ve not accomplished much of the stitching yet but it was fun to be part of a live class all the way from Canada.
I’ve done a little knitting too – I’ve almost finished the boy bunny from the Little Cotton Rabbits pattern – all I need to do is sew the whole thing up.

Have you ever eaten Edinburgh Rock – this next photo reminded my husband of it – he said the colours were reminiscent of a box of Edinburgh Rock.

This is a photo of Matthew taken on Saturday evening before he headed out to his prom. He has now officially left school and is heading to college in August.

Thanks for stopping by today and for the helpful suggestions regarding my neck issues.

I’ll leave you with a photo of the girls sleeping on their fur throw pillows amazon, that’s when I get peace and quiet to craft:-)


  1. Super cyberclass project, how lovely.
    Hoe you are able to stitch with less pain with the new seat frame, i love mine and i also have a plastic lap frame too.
    What a handsome chap!
    Edinburgh rock is so lovely, we used to have it when we visited my late maternal grandfather in Dunoon.

    Have a lovely week, hope the sun keeps his hat on for you!

  2. I see you started Butterfly Garden. It’s such a pretty design. Beautiful flowers! Good luck to your son on his first day of college!!

  3. Oh I love that photo of your “girls”. I hadn’t realize until now that one is so much lighter in colour than the other!

    Congratulations to Matthew on graduating, and starting college! He looks very smart in the photo.

    That class sounds like fun with a gorgeous end result at the finish line! I hope the new frame and stitching with two hands will help your neck/shoulder. It has certainly helped mine so I am hoping it will do the same for you!

    Enjoy the rest of the sunshine!

  4. Your stitching looks wonderful, also love all your flowers so pretty.
    Your boy looks smart hope he had a great time.
    Oh your babies are just too sweet love them.
    It is cooler today with a little sunshine , now I can get back to my PC , not had that much time to read everyone’s blog. big hugs.

  5. Love all the pictures….handsome son and pretty kitties. Great stitching too….

  6. Oh my — so that’s a cyber class now? I might need to sign up for that — i love it! Love your other project as well! Such pretty flowers!

  7. You have several interesting things going on now Ann – I’m most interested in the Drawn Thread piece and look forward to future reports. Such pretty carnations – a reward for improved Scottish weather! And your girls – my but do they ever get along well together. Congrats on your son’s graduation.

  8. I am so sorry I have missed your blog recently, not sure what happened, but it has been lovely to read back through the entries and catch up with all your news. I was so tempted by that pincushion project too, I really look forward to seeing it finished, hopefully the better weather will have eased your pain and allowed you to do a bit of stitching. Love the little rabbits!!! And your grown-up son. And the flowers. And your cats – shush – don’t wake them! Irene xxx

  9. That’s a nice start on the DT design, and I look forward to seeing your cyberclass project. The bunny is adorable. And your son is so handsome and smart 🙂

  10. Lovely start on Butterfly Garden & the cyber class looks gorgeous.

    Mathew looks very smart for the prom, hope he enjoys college.

    Lovely photo of the girls

  11. I didn’t realize you had a son! Congratulations to Matthew on his graduation. How exciting! Love your start. I’ve been eying Andrea’s progress as well. Such a beautiful design. Your flowers are so pretty! Enjoy the sunny weather.

  12. So glad that you have started some stitching. Is it a Drawn Thread piece? Lovely class too.
    Congratulations on Matthew’s graduation and college acceptance.
    That little bunny head is so cute…looks like a great cat toy…do they steal your projects?
    They look so cute resting.
    Have a great rest of the week!

  13. What a reat new start on Butterfly Garden. I also saw it on a blog and fell in love with it. But I still have two DT projects that I have to finish before I start another one.
    That Victoria Sampler cyberclass sounds great. I once took part in a cyberclass, too, it was by Brightneedle and I finished the stitching but not the finishing on the project.
    Congratulation to Matthew!

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