The Drawn Thread

June 18, 2013  |  Featured Posts

I love seeing these huge poppies in June every year. They are there for such a brief time but I do so enjoy them.

As you’ll note from my next two photos, I’ve managed a little stitching. I’ve been trying lots of options since my last post regarding stitching frames etc. I can honestly say that I’m not really any further forward. I wish I could say otherwise but I’m still having issues.

This Drawn Thread piece has been in a frame, out of a frame, in a larger frame and back to a smaller frame. I tried the seat frame and couldn’t get to grips with it at all. I’ve gone back to working in hand but don’t know what to do with the excess fabric.

CEC Love

I would love to know how stitchers hold the fabric when working “in hand”. The excess fabric seems to get in my way and I’ve tried several ways of holding it but nothing seems right. At the moment I’m back to using Siesta bars but I’m still getting pain as a result. Any advice at all would be welcome.

I’ve not done much actual knitting but I spent yesterday afternoon putting this little fellow together.

I had sewn a lot of the pieces up as I went along but I still had the actual putting together to do.

I always put off this part of the process as it can go wrong so easily. I managed to get this one to come together reasonably well which I think is, in part, due to the great way that the designer has written her pattern.

I can honestly say that the pattern was a treat to follow and I’m now ready to start the girl bunny.


I will most likely sell him for charity – unless I’ve knitted a toy as a gift I usually do this and add the money to our charity donations at work.

Thanks for popping by today and for the lovely comments you leave.


  1. What a cute bunny – well done! The stitching is wonderful too. I honestly wouldn’t know what to suggest: I always work in hand and bunch up the excess fabric, which doesn’t bother me. I do get lots of creases, but I just iron them out at the end. I hope someone with frame experience will be able to help you.

  2. Those are lovely poppies. I love them too but they are oh so brief, aren’t they?

    I have never stitch in hand so I can’t offer any advice there. I’m sorry the seat frame is not working out for you. The stitching pieces are really cute though.

    Love the bunny!

  3. Oh goodness! Wilbur is just precious. I love him. =)
    I had pain in my wrist and my fingers last year. I bought a K’s Creations Z-Frame Lap Frame. I no longer have pain at all. I sit at the table and use it on the table top.

  4. Margaret Stedman

    What a cute bunny Ann. I’m sure he will be snapped up when you sell.
    I always stitch in a small hoop – moving it about as I need to – so I have no advice to offer on stitching in hand. Hope you do find a solution though.

  5. Oh Anne, sorry to hear you’re still trying to find a comfie stitching solution. I can stitch in hand or two handed with a floor stand and scroll frame. I find stitching in hand to be so slow! I am a jabber and not a sewer. If you are using the Siesta frame with no stand, I can imagine it would be painful since I have the same problem using q snaps in hand. It really aggravates my shoulder and neck. I think Vickie has a good idea with the K’s Creation Z Frame. I have one also that I use for travel and stitching groups and accommodates Q Snaps, small frames and I am sure the small siesta frames too. Anything too long and it gets tippy. It takes a bit to adjust to two handed stitching but you do and you stitch much faster!! I have a seat hoop and it’s not too comfortable to sit on and since it’s low makes me hunch and then my back hurts instead of my shoulder and neck.

    I love your Drawn Thread progress. So delicate! And the CEC Quirky Love. It looks like such a fun stitch! Your little bunny is so cute!

  6. The bunny is so sweet – I couldn’t knit my way out of a paper bag! I use Q Snaps – I used to hold them, but now have a Needlework4 stand that grips them for me. I think it would be much easier for your hands, neck and back. The stand is very adjustable, and you can make your work come to you rather than you going to your work. I also have a Millennium stand from England, which also works well. The frame sits on the stand, and it’s very easy to turn your work. I’ve also used it with Q Snaps, just sitting the Q Snaps where their frame would go. I hope you find a solution that enables you to stitch comfortably.

  7. Ann – I remain enamored with your Drawn Thread stitch – I hope you can find a way to continue working on it that is comfortable for you. Love the poppies too – Wisley had “Patty’s Plum” for sale that is one of my favorites.

  8. I love Wilbur and it will be fun to see a girl bunny appear.
    Your stitching looks great and I do hope that you will find a way to stitch without any problems.

    Hugs Yvon.

  9. I love your snap of Wilbur admiring himself in the mirror – maybe time for him to have a friend? I use an old fashioned round hoop and more recently Q snaps which I find holds the work taut without creasing quite so much. I fold excess linen and secure with a safety pin – probably all wrong!! I sit in a comfy chair rather than at a table as that makes my back ache after a while. Do you think we are just getting old? Irene xxx

  10. Sorry to hear you’re still having problems stitching.

    I’ve only stitched one big project in hand and I was a bit flustered with all the fabric.

    I ended up rolling the excess fabric and securing it, top and bottom, with hair clips. I used the metal ones, shaped like a teardrop, that snap open and closed and they were really easy to move. I did try stitching the rolls, at first, but it was too much of a faff when I wanted to move on to a fresh area of fabric.

    Hope this helps and you can enjoy stitching again.

    Regards, (another) Anne

  11. Wilbur is really handsome. I love his stripey sweater.
    Lovely stitching progress too. I stich in hand and I have done some huge projects. I tend to roll excess fabric but sometimes it does just get bunched up. I have never gotten the hang of a frame. Sorry not be much help.
    Lovely flower pics too.
    Have you seen the new Cross Eyed Cricket alphabet? I always think of your banner when I see them. I think I might have to stitch my name in these. They are so lovely.

  12. I love your little bunny! So cute! Love what stitching you’ve managed too. Sorry you’re having a hard time finding a way to stitch. I stitch in hand. I tend to just drape the fabric over my arm and hand — hard to explain. The rest of the fabric just rests on my lap. I’m so used to having the fabric all over it doesn’t bother me. I don’t like to wrinkle my fabric so I don’t clutch it in my hand or anything. I sort of keep it pinched between my arm and my body — makes for a bad posture for my neck.

  13. Your little bunny
    Is very cute and your stitching is very lovely.

    When I stitch in hand if it’s a large project I do as one of the other commentators an clip the excess fabric up with hair clips, if I use a frame at all then I use my Lowery stand to hold it.

    I have lots of those poppies in my garden, they are looking glorious but I’m afrairt that the heavy rain we have forecast for the next few days will finish them off

  14. So sorry to hear that you haven’t been able to sort out that stitching problem yet. I only stitch in hand and have never used a hopp. The excess fabric always lies on my lap because I only stitch sitting on my couch with my legs propped up. It works great for me. I hope you will soon find the ideal hoop or stitching position for you so that you can enjoy stitching throroughly again.
    Your little knitted bunny looks so cute.

  15. Beautiful poppies, Beautiful stitching and a beautiful rabbit.

    I use a very small hoop and move it along and always take it off when not stitching , I roll up my fabric at the side and just use a peg , it helps me with my pain in my hands.

  16. Wilbur is such a darling, i can almost hear him chatting to me… i love bunnies!

    Your poppies are stunning, i cant seem to grow them here.

    I’m sad to read you are still having problems enjoying your stitching. I know a few ladies who use one of those large hair clips to hold the fabric, i do on my plastic lap frame when i have a very large project on the go and there is was too muhc fabric to go in the clips.

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend

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