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January 11, 2014  |  Featured Posts

Happy 2014 to everyone, this year has got off to a stormy start here in the UK and I feel so sorry for the thousands of people who are struggling with flooding.
It’s good to be starting afresh in a new year,though, and I feel the same way about crafting – it’s a new year and some new starts.

I’m still knitting little animals and finished “Minerva” last week. She’s looks fine but didn’t come out quite the way I had hoped. Knitting toys is a hit or a miss for me at times.

I’ve picked out two projects that I want to start in cross stitch.
The first one is number one of the Little Sheep Virtues – I know I’m a year late in starting but I just took a notion.
The next piece is one that I’ve had sitting for a long, long time and I’m considering stitching it as part of a wedding gift.

It’s the LK “Living with Charm” series but I call it “Words To Live By”.
It’s always appealed to me and now seems the time to have a go. Although it’s quite long, there’s not really a lot of stitching involved in each part (that’s my theory anyway).

I was lucky enough to win a book about Elizabethan Embroidery on the Scarlet Letter Challenge site. I’ve always loved the bold colours and designs used by the Elizabethans so was delighted to win this book.

I’ve always loved teddy bears (doesn’t everyone) but I can’t seem to find a knitting pattern for a teddy bear that appeals to me so I’ve decided to have a go at sewing one instead.
I’m not a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination but I picked a beginners kit designed by a UK bear artist. It looks fairly straightforward but there’s no guarantees when it comes to sewing and me!

I’m off to choose some fabric for both of my new starts. I have the threads already but choosing fabric is always hard for me and I often end up starting a project several times before I’m happy.
I’ll leave you with a couple of photos of a blackbird that came to visit this week.

Thanks for stopping by today, take care.


  1. I hope sewing the bear goes well for you. I love teddy bears, they’re a weakness of mine. Love your new stitching project choices as well. Your knitted toy is adorable!

  2. Minerva is so very sweet. Looks like fun you have lined up too. That blackbird looks so cute to me.

  3. Minerva is a dear little mouse. I am glad you’ve found a couple of stitching projects with appeal. I hope they work out for you Ann. Terrible floods…Salisbury…Oxford. It seems much more personal now that I’ve visited those places.

  4. Such a lovely post my friend ,what a cute mouse love her .
    Great charts to start a New Year with can’t wait to see them stitched.
    I love teddies too .
    Great Photo work , keep warm hugs.

  5. Good morning, Scotland, from the wet West Coast of Canada! We are in a stormy stretch too but thankfully, no flooding…yet!

    Nice to see everything happening with you Ann! The second photo – what kind of flower is it? It looks interesting with the 2 tone colours.

    I love Minerva! Red and White! You have picked up some nice projects to start this year. Looking forward to seeing how the bear turns out!

  6. All the best for the bear. I have never sewn (or knitted) one but I love Teddy Bears. Minerva looks like a mouse anyone would love in their house 🙂

  7. Minerva looks adorable to me! Enjoy your projects, and lovely photos as always!

  8. I love sweet little Minervy, such a little cutie. And I’m looking forward to seeing your new stitching starts. And the teggy adventure, of course.

  9. It should read teddy. lol.

  10. Your knitted critter is adorable!

    I love that L*K series I stitched it a few years ago and its just beautiful!

  11. Nice choice of projects – they’re both divided nicely in parts, so you’ll find it easy to pace yourself. That little mouse is just adorable.

  12. I like your choice of new projects, enjoy 🙂
    Your mouse is very cute

  13. Minerva is super cute.

    Are you going to hand sew your teddy bear, or use a sewing machine? I made a non-jointed bear years ago (by hand), and have kits for three or four others. I actually have had a jointed mohair bear in progress, but haven’t worked on it in years. I think all the pieces just need to be attached into a teddy bear shape. I should get crackin’!

    The Lizzie Kate piece is lovely. I look forward to seeing your progress in the future.

  14. Minerva is so sweet. I also love the new stitching projects you have picked.
    Such pretty flower pics!

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