Saturday and shopping.

February 1, 2014  |  Featured Posts

Saturday for me is a day for fun shopping. Not grocery or everyday items but fun things like books and crafts and sometimes clothes. I’ve always gone shopping on a Saturday morning, for me it’s almost a ritual and this morning was no different.
We headed into Edinburgh where I had fun spending time in my favourite wool shop McArees. I’m fortunate to be able to shop in either their Edinburgh or their Stirling store where they have a lovely selection of wools and books.

This is where I bought the wool for Hamish, I finished putting him together last night.


This morning I bought the wool to knit this cute mouse……………..

I’m going to knit him as a gift for a little one in our family. I love finding a pattern, choosing the wool and anticipating sitting down to begin.
The pattern is in a book that is written in German but fortunately the patterns are mostly in chart form. If you knit at all you’ll know how useful Ravelry is for finding almost anything you want to know in the knitting and crochet world. This is where I found this mouse featured on another knitter’s finished items.

I’ve managed to make a small start on the Lizzie Kate piece Living With Charm and also I’ve restarted The Flock by Sam Sarah. I have changed my fabric choice to cream but I’m going to keep to my original thread choices.

I’ll leave you with a photo of Poppy trying to stay awake this afternoon.

Thanks for popping in today, I hope the weather in your part of the world is being kind. I know that some places have had a tough time with extremes of weather this winter.


  1. Lovely knitting…and colors.

  2. Good morning, Ann! Rituals are good and using Saturday mornings to shop for these things – I can imagine you look forward to it all week!

    Hamish looks very handsome and I like the colours you are using for the little mouse. Nice start/restart on your stitching!

    Poppy looks like she’s saying “and where is my treat? Hand it over!” with her paws crossed like that! lol.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  3. Ann- Such pretty flower photos. Sounds as though you have found a wonderful way to spend Saturday mornings. Hamish is charming and your new knitting project looks great too. I also very much enjoy the process of kitting up a new project. I am glad that you have a couple of stitching things going. My cats say Howdy to your two. It is a lovely sunny day here. We are to get cold again later in the week.

  4. Oh fun! Love Hamish, love your new choice for a knitted item too! I love Ravelry. I really need to record my stash, my finishes, WIPs etc. Haven’t done that yet. Lovely stitching too. I love that you can go to your favorite wool store any time. So nice! I’m envious!

  5. hahaha! Love the Poppy picture.
    Hamish is so adorable.
    Yes, it is currently snowing… again.

  6. Saturday shopping sounds like a good ritual to me!

    Hamish is super cute. I’ll look forward to seeing the mouse on your blog in the future. I still have a bear my Grandmother knitted me when I was a kid. She asked me what I wanted to call it. I told her, and when I received it he was wearing a little jumper with his name on it – Bert! lol

    Beautiful flowers and Poppy is looking very content.

  7. A beautiful tulip! Hamish has so much personality – enjoy stitching the mouse. Poppy looks very elegant!

  8. What a cute little bunny – well done. Enjoy the new project. Poppy is so sweet.

  9. So nice to have Saturday mornings for special errands. Hamish is fabulous, such character. I love his red sweater. I am looking forward to seeing your next knitted creature, the colors look fun.
    Lovely stitching too!
    I hope that the upcoming week is a good one!

  10. OH my, how sweet little Hamish is. Such a lovely little guy. And he will soon be in the company of that little mouse you are going to knit. You spent your Saturday morning very wisely buying the great wool for it, lol. All my knitting friends are on Ravelry, it must be a paradise for knitters.
    Enjoy your stitching, too.

  11. Saturday shopping sounds like a wonderful ritual! I used to have Sunday farmers market ritual but then life got too busy. I love your bunny and can’t wait to see the progress on your mouse! Hope you are staying warm. I am exempt from all the crazy weather except that we need rain here. I hope for rain so that I can have an excuse to slow down especially on the weekends. Rainy days are the best movie/stitching days. 🙂

  12. I love the idea of fun shopping on Saturday mornings! What a pity I have chores to do 🙂 Hamish is so cute and so is the little mouse. Your knitted toys are truly professional.

  13. Hamish is very cute, looking forward to seeing the mouse.

    Nice start on your stitching projects

  14. Looking at the flooding in the UK think I would rather have our snow! Gorgeous pictures, Ann, wish I could have come into Edinburgh with you!

  15. I love Hamish!! He’s so sweet and your next little project is adorable too. Ravelry is great for looking up tips and patterns for crochet and knitting. I haven’t added knitting yet to my list of crafts but it will happen soon! Great progress so far on the LK. Poppy is so beautiful! Hugs

  16. Beautiful flowers–after a long cold winter they are all the more welcome and appreciated. Hamish is adorable and awesome.

  17. Hamish is adorable. Such pretty flowers.

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