May Day

May 1, 2014  |  Featured Posts

Is it really the beginning of May? I had hoped to post once in April but my time has been largely taken up with caring for my mum. I’ve not been spending as much time sitting in front of the computer as normal – perhaps this isn’t a bad thing!

I am reluctant to admit that, in the whole of April, I didn’t pick up a needle and thread. Instead, I’ve been knitting a few bits and pieces. It’s the usual story of trial and error – if I just stuck to what works for me then I wouldn’t waste so much time but I’m always trying new ideas. This pair are the first that I’ve knitted in a long time that don’t have a home to go to – I generally sell them for charity or give them as gifts.


Sweet Pea

“Gal Pals”

Even though we had a mild winter, Spring blossom was very late in appearing in our garden. The cherry eventually blossomed, alongside two of our magnolias…………….

……………….another two didn’t flower at all, I think they need more time to become established as we only planted them last year……………..

The garden has been busy with birds lately and this little fellow spent a few days enjoying a treat……….

……..we also had a live one of these visiting a couple of nights ago. (I think this one would make a good pincushion).

Quite a while ago Melissa asked me about the cat run that my husband built for Poppy and Rosa. I’ve been meaning to post a photo of it and took time this week to take a few.

They really enjoy going out in it when it’s warm enough and especially when the sun is shining – yes we do occasionally see the sun:-)

Thanks for stopping by today and for your recent comments, I do enjoy reading them. Take care.


  1. Your knitted animals are very cute, and your photos are as beautiful as they always are! The cat run is a very good idea!

  2. Lovely post Ann, your knitted toys are just beautiful .
    Love the cat run just what my daughter could do with she has a house cat , and because she lives in town she won’t let the cat go far . hugs.

  3. Bertha and Sweet Pea are precious! The little hedgehog too! Great job. 🙂 What wonderful pictures!

  4. Oh so clever on the cat run! So do you take them out and put them in?? I don’t know what Mia would think if she were outside. lol! love your little knitted ones. So cute! Hope your mother is doing better.

  5. Very pretty flowers Ann! And your knitted toys are so cute…Sweet Pea is totally sweet! I hope that you find some time to stitch…so very hard when caretaking. I hope you have a great weekend!

  6. I like that cat run! I will show it to DH.

    Those two knitted cuddlies are cute. I like spring flowers. That first photo is very pretty.

    Yes it’s hard to believe it’s May already! I hope May will be a better month all around! Take care!

  7. Beautiful garden photos. I like the cheeky squirrel. I remember when I lived with my parents there was a possum that would come and raid the bird feeders, and it would hang upside down to do so. It was a funny sight.

    Your knitted toys are just adorable, and that’s lovely that you sell them for charity.

    It is hard to believe it is May already. Sometimes I wish time would just slow down so we can enjoy the moment.

    I hope your Mum is doing OK.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  8. Your knitted characters are so cute, especially the adorable hedgehog. Lovely flower pictures. We’re having abysmal weather here lately, with lots of rain (you wouldn’t say this is Italy…), I’m glad yours looks much better.

  9. Happy May Day Ann. Your gal pals are very cute. What a terrific idea for the cats. They get to be outside and you do not have to worry about the birds and critters.

  10. Your knits are very cute! Lovely photos especially the one of the squirrel.

    I hope your Mum is doing better now

  11. So sweet, the “Gal Pal” power, lol. Good that you can do some needlework sometimes, and maybe you’ll soon be able to stitch a little bit every now and then.
    So great to see the trees and flowers blooming in the garden.

  12. Just getting round to a blog reading catch up.
    Sweet Pea is adorable but then I do have a soft spot for bunnies.
    Such beautiful pictures of your flowers you have captured with your camera and what a great shot of the squirrel.
    I hope May is good month for you with lots more sunshine.

  13. Beautiful blog and really wonderful pictures!
    I love the knitting and cross stitch and your cats too.
    I have in the past also Siamese blue and chocolate.

    Have a nice week.

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