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May 14, 2014  |  Featured Posts

At last our garden is full of colour, April was such a disappointing month with nothing blossoming at all. Suddenly our garden is a riot of colour.

My title today reflects the fact that I still haven’t managed to do a single stitch. I’ve knitted a couple of things and read up on some techniques for beading.
I’d like to get back to doing a little jewellery making again – I saw a beautiful necklace last weekend and it gave me a notion of getting back to trying out some ideas.

I knitted this acorn pincushion and think it came out reasonably well for a first attempt. I didn’t knit it in the round as stated in the pattern and I knitted the cap separately so I had some sewing up to do.

I also knitted this little fellow……………..


Fred is Mabel’s brother………………….who is Mabel you ask. Well, perhaps she might put in an appearance in my next post:-)

A few weeks ago I received a lovely gift in the post – all the way from Canada. Melissa from Words and Blooms sent me this beautiful pin pillow after I had admired it on her blog.

It is beautifully finished with lovely fabric and trim.

I’ll sign off today with a photo of Rosa who has lots of nicknames and one of them is Rabbity Legs as her back legs are very gangly and long and often stick out when she is sitting down. One of her other nicknames is Pigtail as her tail sometimes curls round like the tail of a pig.

Thanks for stopping by today and thanks too for the lovely comments left last time. Take care wherever you are.


  1. Ann, The purple tulip with drops of water/dew is beautiful. Your knitted acorn and bunny are charming. If stitching no longer works for you, you are fortunate to be so talented that you can knit and bead. What a great gift from Melissa too. Rosa looks to be a handful. My cats are enjoying a morning outside, lovely weather today.

  2. lovely work…pretty kitty!

  3. I enjoyed your photos, and I love your acorn! Your kitty is so beautiful!

  4. Fred is adorable. 🙂 You are talented.
    What lovely tulips.
    I really like your gift from Melissa.:)

  5. I can see by the flowers that it’s been wet! We’ve had our share of heavy rains here too!

    I like your acorn pincushion – so cute. And Fred is too. What a cast of characters come from your needles!

    I am glad you liked my pincushion! Rosa is a “monkey”, just like my crazy Julius! 😉

  6. The acorn is great! Love the little rabbit too! What a lovely gift from Melissa too! She’s so sweet!

  7. What a lovely post, your photos are just beautiful of the flowers.
    Love your acorn how lovely, also your rabbits are so cute. Lovely gift too.

  8. Oh Ann, you are having such bright and beautiful colours in your garden. We don’t have a lot of flowers in ours but some of the bushes around the lawn are blooming right now and are so great to look at.

    I love Mabel’s brother, he is just as cute as she is. And the acorn is so lovely. I’m looking forward to seeing your next knitted darling.

  9. Your tulips are gorgeous

    The acorn pincushion is too cute & I like Fred too, looking forward to meeting Mabel

  10. I adore Fred, his devil may care attitude….

    What a treat from Melissa, she is a finisher with a capital F!

  11. Fred is adorable, what a nice couple they will make.

    Gorgeous blooms in your garden, I hope you have some lovely sunshine and not the wet, windy stuff that’s here today.

    A great acorn pin cushion, cute!

  12. Hello Ann!!
    Your tulips and the pictures are stunning. I am glad that the warmer weather has arrived!
    I love the sweet acorn pincushion, it is very cute. Your other guy is cute too, the stripes and his big ears 🙂

  13. What a stunning purple tulip photo. The drops of rain are clear and life like it’s almost jumping off the page! Very sweet little acorn and bunny. Melissa is a sweetie to send you her beautifully finished pin cushion. I love cats with rabbit legs! We always remark about how Titus’ back paws look like a rabbit’s foot! Rosa is so pretty.

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