Meet Mabel.

July 14, 2014  |  Featured Posts

Well the summer is well under way and we’ve had some really nice weather here in Scotland. It’s raining today but I’m not complaining as it was dry all morning when I was in Edinburgh………

St Andrew’s Square

Just recently, trams started to run in the centre of Edinburgh – it was a long process from the outset with lots of political arguing back and forth and the budget rising all the while.

I’ve not ridden on them and don’t really see myself doing so as we tend to take the car into the city or I can easily take the train as well. We have a station close by which runs directly into the city centre.

I think they will be very popular with visitors and as it will soon be the international festival I’m sure it will make getting around the city easier.

I’ve been posted missing for a variety of reasons since my last blog entry. It’s been a mix of looking after my mum and her increasing needs, I was unwell and had to go into hospital for a repeat procedure under anaesthetic and we’ve been off on holiday in Wales.

I like the blues in the photo above and the greens in the photo below………

Wales is a lovely country to visit, it’s quite a contrast going from the traditional seaside to the rugged mountains and lakes.

On this visit we made time to stop at a church we always pass – it’s called Bodelwyddan Marble church and it has a great gothic spire.

The stained glass work is amazing…………………………..

I took quite a lot of photos of the windows and they came out surprisingly well.

I eventually finished Mabel, Fred’s sister:-)

Here’s the two of them together………

I’ve done the tiniest amount of stitching – I still want to buy new stash and yet I can’t seem to settle myself to sit down and stitch.

I’m currently knitting another rabbit and I’ve also started a new doll pattern that was just released by Susan over at Mary Jane’s Tearoom.

I’ve also spent quite a bit of time improving my crochet skills (if you could call them that) – although I’m still a beginner, I feel as though I’m getting more acquainted with the basics.

I’ll leave you today with a reflective photo of Poppy. She and Rosa are still causing chaos and Brandy stands by quietly watching – I think he secretly enjoys their antics.

Thanks for stopping by to visit, take care wherever you are.


  1. Love all your beautiful photos , Mabel is so sweet .
    Hope you had a nice restful holiday .
    Wishing you a lovely week.

  2. Lovely pictures Ann. I have family up in Kirkcaldy so visit Scotland now and then. Nice to see trams there now. I think we are all in a bit of a stitching slump at the moment. I have only just started stitching again after a long haitus. Best wishes. x

  3. The photos of your vacation and of Edinburgh are lovely. I like the blue and the green ones. You are good at taking photos! I think the trams are a great idea.

    Mabel and Fred are both cute. Their colours seem to go with your stitching piece too!

  4. Margaret Stedman

    So pleased to hear you had a holiday. I love that you share your photos too. Only five years until I get to visit Wales and Scotland and many other places on my retirement trip. Your photos of Edinburgh have made me add tram ride to my list:-)

  5. Sorry to hear you were in hospital for another procedure. Hope your mom is doing better now and you also. Love the pics from your trip. The trams look interesting! Mabel and her brother are adorable, and your stitching looks great too. Cute Poppy pic! Mia says hi to Poppy and Rosa!

  6. Your photos of Edinburgh and Wales are breathtaking. I too hope that things get sorted in Scotland. My aunt’s wife is Scottish and her parents are for separating. It’s too bad it’s costing a lot for the Scottish people. I hope you are okay now and recovering. Sending you hugs and prayers. Love little Mabel! She is so sweet! Poppy is so pretty and Titus would like to say hello to her!

  7. thank you for the lovely photo’s, it is nice to see that the trams are working now, the last time we where there,it was a bit of chaos in Edinburgh because of all the work that had to be done.
    I hope that you feel better now and the stitching bug will come back too.
    I really love Mabel she looks sweet, and so does Poppy.

    Hugs yvon.

  8. Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos of Wales! I’ve never been so I’m inspired now if I ever get back over to the UK. I hope you’ve recovered from your procedure. Your bunnies are too cute and I always enjoy photos of your ‘girls’.

  9. Enjoyed all your scenic photos, and your projects are so pretty! Poppy is just so elegant!

  10. Beautiful photos, Ann! It looks like you had a lovely holiday. I hope that you are feeling better and that your mom is doing well health-wise. It’s wonderful to meet Mabel! I’m sure Fred is happy to have someone to hang around with. Great progress on your L*K too!

  11. So nice to see another post from you. And some nice pictures of Edinburgh. People will like the new tramway I’m sure, particularly the tourists. What wonderful pictures you brought from your holidays in Wales. I’ve been there a couple of times and have loved the scenery there a lot. A great region to travel to.

    I hope you are fully recovered from your health problem and procedure in the hospital.

    So nice to see Mabel. Now Fred doesn’t feel alone any longer 🙂 And very nice progress on your L*K piece.

  12. I hope you are all back to being well. Mabel is adorable. Such pretty pics.

  13. I hope you’re better now – hospital is no fun! Mabel is so cute and makes a great pair with Fred. Nice going on the Lizzie Kate too.

  14. I hope you are now fully recovered after your surgery Anne.
    Great photographs, Mabel is adorable and looks super with her big brother.
    I hope you little break I Wales relaxed you and you came home feeling refreshed.
    Lovey stitching.

  15. I hope you are feeling better now.

    Lovely photos and Mabel is very cute

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