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August 30, 2014  |  Featured Posts

Once again time has flown by in the last month or so. June at Butterfly Wings was just mentioning that this year has been so quick and I agree with her whole heartedly.

I’ve not done a single stitch since my last blog entry and have not knitted or crocheted much either. This is due to a combination of time constraints and to neck and shoulder issues once more.
I’m currently seeing a physiotherapist once a week to see if we can settle things down a little so that I can do a little more crafting.

Last week I was on annual leave and we took a little time to get out and about when the weather was dry.
One of the things I wanted to do was visit the Kelpies which is a recent visitor attraction very close to where I live. We’ve passed it frequently on the motorway when we drive to Stirling but hadn’t taken time to stop and walk round.

I’ve still been trying to knit some little bunnies and I’ve also made a start on a scarf using a lovely new yarn made of fine merino wool, cashmere and royal alpaca. It should be very soft to wear. I’m using black all the way through and doing blocks of colour starting with the red.

Which pattern will I choose next?

The small amount of crochet I have done is this very simple lap blanket. It’s very relaxing to sit for a short time and do part of a row. I do enjoy a little crochet but knitting is most definitely my comfort zone.

It’s a lovely day here with us and I popped out to my front garden to take this photo………..

…………….and to the back to take this photo……………

Back to back and no nonsense.

We drove to Perth one day recently and I snapped these shots from the car.

It’s a lovely city to visit. We’re very lucky in that we live within easy drive of four cities – Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling and Perth. Edinburgh is the closest and also my favourite.

I’ll leave you today with a couple of photos that I’ve just taken of Poppy …. she often joins me when I’m here at my desk.

I hope all is well in your part of the world, thanks for stopping by. Take care.


  1. So nice to get caught up with you Ann. Such lovely pictures today. I do so hope you are feeling better quickly.

  2. I hope your issues are cleared up soon so you can get back to your various crafts. I love what I’m seeing of what you are working on. The colors for the scarf are gorgeous! Poppy is such a sweetheart too — such big eyes!

  3. Always enjoy your photos! Did Poppy help you decide what to stitch next?

  4. Ann, I do hope your neck and shoulder problems will be remedied soon. Thanks for the beautiful photos of your surroundings. It’s almost like visiting you!

  5. Beautiful photos , you made me laugh with the bunnie with no head how sweet .
    Hope your neck and shoulder gets better , I know a little stress makes mine worse . Try and relax Ann in a hot bath that will help a little.
    Looks like a beautiful place you live in .
    Wishing you a lovely day.

  6. Oh no … a headless bunny in the workbasket!!!
    Nice scarf you are knitting and super colours in the crochet too.
    Lovely pictures of your outings this past week.
    The squirrel pic made me laugh, you could just imagine what Mr Crow was thinking, he does not look amused lol.
    Poppy looks nice and comfy settled down on the carpet.

    Have a lovely week xx

  7. Poppy has such big beautiful eyes!

    Thanks for sharing photos of your excursions. The Kelpies is certainly a spectacular exhibition. It’s nice that you live at such a great location to visit all these nice places.

    Hope your neck and shoulders feel better soon. This reminds me I should book a chiro visit myself soon! Take care!

  8. Oh the Kelpies are magnificent! Lovely photos of Perth as well. The squirrel and crow are great – equally ignoring one another. Poppy looks to be a good companion. I hope the physio helps and I’ve been wondering how it is going as you continue to care for your Mother.

  9. Lovely photos, the Kelpies are definitely on my list for when we make it back up to Scotland.

    I hope that your back and shoulder issues sort themseleves soon.

  10. Beautiful photographs Ann…the sculptures are amazing! x
    Hope the physiotherapy is helping …lovely to see Poppy today,
    Hope you have a great weekend,
    Susan x

  11. So sorry to hear that you are still dealing with shoulder and neck problems. I have a shoulder problem myself but it has never gotten so far that I couldn’t do my crafting. I hope that the physiotherapy has helped you so that you can do some more of your lovely needlework.

    I love that picture of the basket withthe wool and the bunny head. That little bunny seems to feel at ease in there, lol.

    Great pictures of your outings, too. Scotland is still on my list of regions that I haven’t visited yet but want to some day.

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