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January 22, 2015  |  Featured Posts

Thank you all so much for the kind comments and thoughts after my last blog entry. I passed on all your good wishes to my husband.
He had major surgery two weeks ago and is making steady progress. It takes time but he’s getting there.
We found out, today, that next month he moves onto the next stage of this journey which will be follow up treatment.

On the day of his operation I knew I would be home all day so decided to make my mum a necklace for her 90th birthday.

The style of necklace has to be fairly simple as she can’t work a clasp by herself so it has to be able to go over her head. She wears plain round neck jumpers all the time so a necklace of this style sits nicely on her.

This photo is my mum on her 90th which was last Saturday……………..

I’ve done a little stitching but nothing worth photographing. I’ve been knitting a bit too and finished this little bear – “pseudo Rupert” I call him…………..

I’m not all that happy with the way he turned out – I love the knitting part but not the sewing up – I can turn a decent piece of knitting into an untidy mess in the blink of an eye.
I’m gradually getting the desire to stitch back and I’ve enjoyed the little that I’ve done. I’m hoping that if things settle down and hospital visits are reduced then I might manage a bit more.

You’ll see from the above photo that we’ve had a bit of snow, fortunately not too much but January has been a very stormy month and also very cold. Poppy was mesmerised by the snow falling.

Today we’ve had sunshine so I thought I’d post a photo of her enjoying a sunbeam.

I hope all is well in your part of the world and that January isn’t being too harsh.

Once again thanks for your lovely comments and for stopping by.


  1. Your flower photos are always so pretty! A lovely necklace you made for your Mom – Happy 90th to her, and glad to hear your Dad will be OK! Always enjoy seeing photos of your beautiful Poppy!

  2. Best wishes to your husband for his treatment. I do hope all goes well. Lovely to see a photo of your Mum. I’m sure she will wear with pride that beautiful necklace. You are so versatile in your handwork.

  3. Happy Birthday to your Mum! What a nice, lovely necklace you made her.
    Poppy is wonderful to look at.
    You take such wonderful photos Ann.

  4. Happy Birthday to your sweet mum, Ann! I love the necklace you made her and I think your knitted buddy is quite cute. So glad to hear that your DH is improving. Stay warm in Scotland. We are supposed to have a heatwave this weekend which seems strange for January. We’ll see if it really gets up to 70 degrees like they say it will.

  5. Love the pics of your kitty. The bear looks good to me. I think the sewing together part is hardest — for me at least. Lots of prayers for your DH. I hope the news was good.

  6. First, hugs for you and good wishes for your hubby. Secondly, I send birthday wishes to your sweet mum. Oh, and the necklace is lovely. There I think it is covered!

  7. Always love your posts beautiful photos , your mother is so sweet, and the necklace is beautiful that you made for her .
    I love your bear.
    Oh your husband is enjoying being back in his own home hugs .

  8. Ann, it’s nice to see your post!

    What a lovely necklace you’ve made for your mom. That’s the kind of thing I want to learn to make. Belated happy birthday to your sweet mom!

    I hope Alan continues to progress nicely on his journey to recovery.

    Keep warm!

  9. Beautiful necklace gift you created for mum, belated birthday wishes to her.
    Mr bear is sweet, he looks great.
    Continued good thoughts for hubby’s recovery.
    Love and (hugs) xxx

  10. How wonderful–90 years old!! A big happy birthday wish to your lovely mom. The necklace you created for her is so pretty, Ann. I do hope my mom lives to see 90–what a celebration we will have 🙂 She turns 88 in May…

    I’m sure the urge to stitch will increase as your husband recovers and life returns to normal. I’m glad he is improving and feeling stronger each day… Hope his follow-up treatments go well.

    Enjoy this final week of January!

    P.S. I think your little bear is perfectly charming 🙂

  11. What a lovely gift for your Mom. The necklace is beautiful.
    Your pictures are so beautiful.
    I think Rupert looks very handsome!

  12. I hope that your DH’s treatment is going well.

    Happy birthday to your Mum, the necklace you made is lovely.

    Your little bear is very cute.

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