March 4, 2015  |  Featured Posts

How did we reach March so quickly – each year races on more quickly than the last. My mum used to say it was a sign of old age to think this – I hope not.

Life has continued to be busy with hospital visits for both my husband and myself. His treatment has started and then stopped due to issues. It will most likely begin again next week. One thing I’ve learned is to expect the unexpected – life is like that for everyone really.


I’ve still found time to knit as you can see and although I’ve stitched a tiny amount, I’ve not enjoyed it. I can’t seem to settle to anything stitch related, I see all these lovely designs that I want to stitch and then when I sit down to work on them, I lose interest.

I’ve started to knit a doll for a change, it’s by an Australian designer and her patterns are very different. It’s been fun to work on so far but the deciding factor is how it looks when finished.

I ordered this strawberry emery after I saw a similar one on Margaret’s blog (Days of a Sampler Lover). I must say I love it. Little things make me happy and this takes me to my blog title for today’s post.
Someone going through a rough patch recently made a comment to me about looking for happiness and it got me thinking.
Personally, I never think about looking for happiness – even when things are tough it’s important to be happy in little things each day. I think this quote sums it up……
“The place to be happy is here,
The time to be happy is now,
The way to be happy
is to make others so.”
Robert Ingersoll

This pair make me smile every day…………….

I’m not usually a fan of black and white photos but this snowdrop image looked more dramatic when shown without colour.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope the weather improves for you if you live in one of the many areas hit with so much snow.

At least Spring is just around the corner for many of us. Take care and thanks again for your lovely comments.


  1. I hope things are going better now for both your DH and for you. It’s hard to find those happy moments during the tough times. But I do think it helps to do so. Love the doll you made, love the kitties too of course! Take care.

  2. Little Bea is splendid!
    I am praying for your husband.
    Thank you for the pictures of spring. All I see is white!

  3. So sorry to hear there were issues with your DH’s treatment. I hope things get squared away quickly! Love Little Bea! She is sooo cute! Can’t wait to see the doll you started. I agree, when times are tough, it’s easy to have tunnel vision but finding a happiness each day helps immensely! Mine was getting a new office chair at work today. =)

  4. Love all your photo’s Ann , the saying is so true.

    And yes time is going faster than ever.

    Love your rabbit so cute, also love the strawberry.

    Now you know I can’t wait to see your doll will it be knitted ?

    You and DH are always in my thoughts , and I know you will get there with your positive out look. Big Hugs.

  5. Sending best wishes to both your DH and yourself, Ann.

    Beautiful photos in this post! Enjoy spring time (my favourite season!).

  6. I so hope that things will improve very soon for you and your husband. It’s not easy to go through such times. But I’ll be thinking of you both.
    You are showing some nice happy moments here – the first flowers in the spring, watching a little squirrel, working on and finishing a lovely bunny. She’s so cute. Why should you be stitching if it doesn’t bring you pleasure? Just work on whatever you enjoy.

  7. Much love you both, you are in my thoughts often.
    Little Bea is adorable and such a pretty strawberry emery too.
    Aww cute kitty, I wanted to reach out and give that ear a little scratch lol.
    Beautiful photos of the flowers, the black and white snowdrop is really captivating.
    A lovely poem, and so very true.

  8. Hi Ann, I’m sorry the treatment for your husband has been delayed and I truly hope it goes as scheduled, and with good results, from now on…

    Your little knitted bunny is adorable and I’m glad you’re enjoying it. The kitties would certainly make me smile every day 🙂

    Happy Spring to you–we have been snowcovered and frigid for the past 8 weeks. Winter has to end soon, doesn’t it?!

  9. It’s nice to see your post, Ann! I love seeing the photos of your kitties. Cats are such wonderful companions.

    *sigh* Life can be hard sometimes, yes indeed. I think sometimes the more we hope things will improve quickly, the longer it all seems to take! I hope the treatment will be back on track soon.

    At least you are seeing signs of Spring! That always makes my heart leap, those first signs of blooms!

    The knitted bunny is cute. I have the button on that sweet little sweater! Can you tell me where you got the strawberry emery from? During tough times, little treats are great stress relievers! Take care.

  10. Oh my dear Ann. I truly hope for the best for your husband and am sending you my prayers. I think that if stitching isn’t calling your name, then stick to what makes you happiest most…like knitting. I think your photos of spring’s awakening are gorgeous. You’ve captured the flowers’ essence perfectly. Hugs to you

  11. Ann, it is so difficult to focus on ‘fun’ when parts of your life is in disarray. I hope the better weather helps to lift your spirits.

  12. I hope things are moving forward for you and your husband.

    Your rabbit is very cute and the strawberry is lovely.

    Cute photo’s of your kitties

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