Monkey Business!

April 16, 2015  |  Featured Posts

Thanks for your lovely comments on my last blog post. I am one of those bloggers who keeps meaning to sit down to post and never seems to find the time to do it.

Spring has finally arrived here in Scotland, we’re always several weeks behind the south of England. Our magnolias are getting there – one stellata is out and another is just about to blossom but one of our bigger types isn’t nearly ready to open out yet.

Don’t fall over when I say that I have actually picked up stitching again. I started a couple of small designs but they weren’t inspiring me so I switched back to a design I started a while back. I’ve not made a lot of progress but I’m trying to take it easy.

I’ve also continued on with my knitting and this time round tried a new pattern that was fun to knit but I don’t think I would repeat it. I enjoy knitting some toy patterns over and over but this wasn’t one of them. The same designer has a turtle pattern that I think is really cute so I’m going to work on that shortly.

I bought the pattern from The Twins knitting shop via Ravelry – they have a lovely selection of toy patterns to choose from. I can’t decide on a name for this little one.

Recently Brigitte from At Brigitte’s Place was really kind and sent me a lovely surprise package – she had the delightful contents wrapped inside the fabric you can see in the photo.
Thank you again Brigitte……………

This butterfly was sunning itself on some garden chips and it kindly stayed put whilst I snapped a photo……………

I know it’s a little while since the needlework market but I thought I’d show a small kit that I bought (I did buy quite a few other things too) as I’ve not really seen it pop up in many places.
I’ve not started it yet but the design idea appealed to me.

Penny Bag

Thanks to all of you who have sent such good thoughts and prayers to me for my husband – we both really appreciate it. The whole process is very much a roller coaster ride for us and people’s kind words and thoughts along the way make a huge difference.
Since my last blog entry I have also been in hospital having a repeat procedure done. I’m now back at work and it’s good to get back into a routine again.

I’ll leave you today with a photo of the “girls”. Poppy is such a lady and Rosa is such a free spirit:-)

I hope the sun is shining on you today, thanks for stopping by.


  1. It’s nice to see your post, Ann, and nice to see the girls again. When I read the title of your post I thought you meant they were up to some monkey business! ha.

    The little monkey is very cute. I especially like the yellow sweater. Glad to see you are back to stitching, even a little. I know how that feels.

    What a lovely gift from Brigitte. She has stitched some great bunny designs lately. And chocolates! Are any left?

    Glad to see spring is arriving in Scotland! Take care!

  2. It’s lovely to see you bloging and stitching again Ann.

    I love your monkey so sweet .

    Love your stitching too.

    And what a lovely gift from Brigitte , it’s good to have so many friends .

    Love all your photos and great to see your flowers again .

    Hugs to you and DH .

  3. What a darling monkey!
    You take such lovely photos.
    Your girls are always very photogenic aren’t they?
    What about your dear poodle? 😉

  4. Hooray for stitching! I’m doing a bit more again too! Love the monkey — too bad you didn’t enjoy it enough to repeat it. Lovely gifts from Brigitte! Hope your DH is doing well with everything — glad to hear you’re back to work and routine.

  5. Your stitching and knitting look beautiful – love seeing the little animals you knit, and of course, your photos of nature! Kitties are looking as pretty as ever!

    Your gift from Brigitte is very special I’m sure! She does beautiful stitching, doesn’t she? Her blog is always so fun to read.

    Best wishes to you and your husband.

  6. Thoughtful Brigitte! Good wishes to you and your husband….cute monkey too.

  7. An adorable monkey Ann. Brigitte was most generous with some lovely items – I am sure you will enjoy them. Isn’t it nice to have the sun return and longer hours of daylight? Your ‘girls’ are so funny – their unique personalities shine through in the photo you posted. Wishing that spring treats you and your husband with kindness and hope.

  8. A cute monkey you have knitted up Ann, looks like it is making the most of the sunshine in your garden.
    Lovely to see the needle out again and a little progress on the L*K
    Beautiful and thoughtful gift from Brigitte.
    I’ve seen quite a few butterflys this week with the sun being out, but no magnolia here, that’s a plant that we just cant seem to keep.
    Love and {healing hugs} xx

  9. I am so glad spring is here! I haven’t seen any butterflies yet though a few honeybees have been buzzing around.

    Such a cute monkey! I’ve always liked the look of knitted toys, maybe someday I’ll learn the craft. 🙂

    The girls looks fantastic haha.

  10. So wonderful to know that spring has sprung for you, too. We are also always behind up here in the mountains so I think our spring flowers are just blooming the way yours are. And it’s always so nice to see flowers again.

    I love your little knitted monkey, he’s so cute wandering through your garden, lol.

    Good to see that you took up your stitching needle again. The LK project is so lovely and the amount of progress isn’t important. Important is that you are enjoying it. And your new stah looks very interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing it on your blog when you will have started it.

    It was my pleasure to send you a little package.

  11. I so enjoyed reading your post this morning, Ann! (Well, not the part about you being in the hospital–gosh, I hope that is the end of the health problems for you and your husband for a long time!).

    The little monkey is so sweet sitting and sunning himself in your garden. And–oh, my–what a lovely butterfly. I’ve never seen anything nearly that beautiful here in the U.S. I’m so glad you’re having a beautiful spring. Ours comes in fits–last night we had a frost 🙁

    Brigitte was so sweet to send you all those goodies–enjoy!

    Take care now and give the kitties a pat for me!

  12. Hi Ann, What beautiful blooms in your garden & a lovely stitchy design, I hope you’re enjoying working on it. Your monkey is very cute, I am going to have to check out that designer on Ravelry now 🙂 The penny bag design looks intriguing too, not come across that idea before. Such gorgeous fur babies 🙂 Hope you are having a lovely week,

  13. Lovely flowers, I hope you’ ve not had too much snow in the last couple of days. It’s even tried that here, I was not impressed.

    Your monkey is very cute and nice to see you stitching again. The gift from Brigitte is lovely.

    I hope you are both continuing to do well

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