Mission Accomplished.

June 29, 2015  |  Featured Posts

I must be drawn to the colour purple as I noticed that I chose a purple flower for my last blog entry as well.

I was determined to blog before we reached the end of June, the months surely do fly by these days. It doesn’t feel like summer here in Scotland as June has been a very cold month with temperatures averaging around thirteen degrees.

This has meant that everything in the garden is much later in blooming this year – we’ve even got magnolias out just now and our roses are just making an appearance.

I found this little fellow in the house recently and I noticed that instead of spots it had stripes – it is in fact a striped ladybird.

I’ve not stitched at all this last month, the mood just hasn’t taken me but I can feel myself being drawn back to it again – I don’t know why I am going round in this circle at the moment.
I did, however, buy myself a new sewing box which I’m enjoying immensely. It’s proved to be a good choice which I can’t always say about my accessory choices.

I’ve still been knitting some bits and pieces and finished this little fellow last night. I think my son has laid claim already.

I’m currently knitting a different style of monkey from the last one I knitted and a little doll. I would really like to knit a neat little frog but it’s hard to find a workable pattern that I like. I started a few but have given up as they’re not what I want.

I’ll finish today with the photos that relate to the blog title – “mission accomplished” – since Poppy joined our family she has desperately wanted to join Brandy on his bed. From day one, he has refused to allow this to happen and will growl at her to let her know that she’s not welcome…………..

As you can see, he finally relented and let her join him for around ten minutes one evening recently. I have a feeling it was a moment of weakness that won’t happen again, but I also should keep in mind that it was the moment right after I gave him the Dog Flea Pills so he was probably upset and quiet, he doesn’t like them at all!

Thanks for stopping by today, I’m off to enjoy some Wimbledon. Take care wherever you are.

Edinburgh Castle

PS I’ve added a little filter question in my comments section as I was receiving so many spam comments every day. Please let me know if you have any problems leaving a comment.


  1. I also love purples. What a special ladybug. Your sewing box is wonderful. Your furbabies look adorable together.

  2. Margaret Stedman

    Your photography is wonderful! Thank you for sharing the flowers and the bugs. Love the sewing box too – may you get a lot of use out of it.

  3. Ha ha ha! I love that photo of Poppy looking at the camera! She’s done it, got on the dog’s bed! So funny.

    Glad to see your post. It is so strange that where everything here has been a month early and we are in a heat wave, you (and many others) are having a late spring/summer and it’s cold! I wish we could trade some heat for rain. I’m sure you’ll agree!

    I like the term ladybird rather than ladybug which is what we call them here. Such a cute little creature!

  4. Awwww, so cute that Brandy let Poppy sleep with him for at least a bit. So sweet! Love the little Yoda! lol! How cute is that! Love your new sewing box. It’s lovely and looks like it has just the right number of cubbies for everything. Your garden is beautiful too. I hate to say it, but I prefer cool temps. I wish it would stay around 70 (or 21 C). 13 is too cool, I admit. lol!

  5. I love your photo’s, everything in our garden is late in bloom too,due to cooler weather and no rain to speak of, we have to water the plants in containers every evening.
    This week will be a hot one, I will be staying inside and watch tennis.

    hugs Yvon.

  6. What a beautiful sewing box, I like that.
    Lovely floral pictures,the pigeons seem to be enjoying it. I’ll send you some of our heat, its a little too warm for me here today and tomorrows supposed to be hotter. A strange ladybird.

  7. Oh I love the knitted Yoda. My boys would too. Our son and daughter taught themselves to knit this week! From Youtube. 😉 He is making Henry a scarf. Ha!
    Look at Poppy. What a stinker. 😉 Good old Brandy. Reminds me of how Mabel puts up with Henry’s cuddling.

  8. Pretty garden pictures! I read that you are to get quite warm – 30C for a couple of days – that will be a shock given your cool June temperatures. I love the photo of Poppy – she looks as though she well knows she’s done something ‘wrong’ and is enjoying it!

  9. Your nature photos are so lovely, Anne!! And I’ve never seen a striped ladybug before! So sorry it is so cool in Scotland–we’ve had cool, rainy weather all week. Doesn’t seem much like summer, does it?

    Your new sewing box is darling–perhaps that will inspire you to get back into stitching again. At least your hands are busy creating those cute knitted pieces–Yoda is adorable (as are Poppy and Brandy sleeping side-by-side 🙂

  10. Such great pictures of your roses and magnolias, late but so beautiful. Our June was also a rather cool month, just the way I like it. SInce two days the summer has arrived here and even up here in the mountains we have temperatures up to 30°C. I think, it has become warmer in Scotland as well.

    That sewing box is definitely a good purchase, very nice from the outside and very useful compartments inside. I think I would have bought it as well.

    That little knitted guy is so sweet. And good that you feel the stitching bug coming back slowly.

  11. I love the Yoda, he’s too cute! I like your new sewing box and the photo of Brandy and Poppy is lovely

  12. Wow love your site. Beautiful photography. I absolutely love your new sewing box, where did you purchase it, would so love to buy one. I do live in Canada.

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