Where do I begin?

January 27, 2016  |  Featured Posts

Well the title says it all – where do I begin?
My long absence from the blogging world has simply been down to lack of time.

We did manage a couple of days away to North Wales where I took these pictures. We love to visit Bodnant Garden and they have two beautiful lily ponds.

Last year went by so quickly – after my last blog entry things went from bad to worse in some ways.
My husband finished his treatment in August and then went on to have extremely painful kidney stones with the necessary hospital admission.

Prior to this his mum was admitted to an Edinburgh hospital for two months and we had to drive there most days. I felt we spent most days driving there and back and in between that we had to deal with her home situation which took so much time and energy.

In the middle of this Poppy decided to add to our woes and developed very worrying symptoms.
After countless visits to our vet and some laser acupuncture, she was referred to the Glasgow Vet School.
She was seen there in September and spent two days being thoroughly assessed – much to her dismay. The news was good in that she didn’t have a serious spinal issue as first thought but she did have some joint issues. We had to rest her for a month and that alongside medication made a big difference.

We then had to look at why this happened so that we could avoid any future occurrences – one of the main problems was that she loved to jump down from the kitchen boiler and wall units.
We took the decision to go ahead and change the kitchen completely and also our main bathroom and additional upstairs toilet, we added some furniture from bathroomsandmorestore.co.uk.
This took time to choose and plan and then most of December was spent with tradesmen here doing the work.

Here are some photos of the kitchen and bathroom – both are more or less finished apart from some little tweaks here and there.

It was a lot of hassle at the time in the lead up to Christmas but it was as good a time as any really to have it all done.

On a crafty note I’ve not had time to stitch and little time to knit but I have managed a few little bunnies etc. I only took photos of one of my finishes which my mum decided she would like to have. By the way she turned 91 just over a week ago.

I’m hopeful that this year might bring me a little more time to do some of the things I enjoy such as visiting all your lovely blogs again.

Thanks for stopping by, take care and stay warm (unless it’s summer with you).


  1. It’s good to see a post from you! Sorry you have had so many health woes in your family. Sounds like you’ve been busy busy busy. Poor Poppy too — you are so good to renovate so that Poppy’s issues can stay away. Love how your kitchen and bath look. I hope everyone is doing better now healthwise and that you can find time to relax and stitch or knit. Love the bunny! Happy belated birthday to your mom too.

  2. Lovely to see you back. I’m pleased that Poppy is on the mend along with her humans:-) Your new kitchen looks great – do you not have a separate laundry as I think I can see a front load washer under the bench? We never see that in New Zealand. Sometimes the laundry tub, washer and dryer are hidden behind cupboards in the bathroom but never in the kitchen. Interesting how countries differ.

  3. Wonderful to see a blog post from you Ann, and to learn that all is well in your world. Beautiful photos (as always) and your redecorated rooms look lovely and homely. It is good the kitchen is now safe for Poppy.

    Happy belated 91st birthday to your Mum!

  4. {{warm hugs}} to you Ann, how wonderful to see a post from you.
    Your home looks beautiful, the trademen did a good job.
    I hope hubby is recovering well from his kidney stones op, my brother had that, not nice!
    Little bunny is adorable, no wonder mum wanted to give a home to that one… hope she is now settled and you are able to have some relaxation time.
    love and blessings xx

  5. I hope you and your husband are now feeling well? And little Poppy? Your home is just lovely. So glad to hear from you Ann.

  6. It’s nice to see your post today, Ann. I am sorry to hear you’ve (all) had a bad year but hopefully things are getting better this year. The renos certainly look lovely!

    Sending you big hugs!

  7. So lovely to have you back.
    Now and again we all get these type of years , when its not one thing but many things to deal with.
    Love your Bathroom and Kitchen .
    Enjoy your New Year I am wishing you a good one hugs.

  8. So nice to see a post from you, Ann! I’m sure you’re glad to put 2015 to bed as it sounds like it was very rough. I am glad that your DH and Poppy are both feeling better and sounds like your mom is doing well since she celebrated a big birthday. Lovely little bunny gift for her! The renovations look great! How nice to have a brand new kitchen and bathroom. I hope you get back into stitching soon. I’ve been back to stitching this year (NY reso) but still need to blog although that is in the works. *hugs*

  9. I am so glad to hear that Poppy’s health woes have been figured out. You now have a lovely kitchen and bathrooms. I can only imagine the chaos during the holidays though while this was all going on. I’ve been ‘following’ Bodnant Gardens on Facebook for several months now as I thought the Lamburnum Arch was amazing!

  10. How nice to see you posting again, Ann! Things sound very busy with you and your family… So sorry to hear about your husband’s kidney stones–I’ve heard they are incredibly painful. I do hope 2016 will be a healthy year for both of our husbands!! They deserve it!!

    Your remodeling it gorgeous–looks like Poppy approves! The colors actually remind me of hers and they look so soft and calming.

    Always fun to see travel photos, too. I do hope to visit Great Britain one of these years and do a lot of traveling, but it will have to wait until we retire…

    Hope your February is off to a wonderful start, Ann 🙂

  11. So great to see a new post from you, Ann.
    The last year wasn’t too friendly to you. But I hope that your husband’s kidney stone issues are solved now and that family and pets are feeling a lot better again.
    Your new kitchen and bathroom are looking so great now but it must be a relief that everything is finished.
    I hope that this year will be less stressful for you so that you can find the time for getting back into crafting so that you can create more of these lovely little bunnies and maybe get back into stitching again.

  12. I am happy to say that I was able to view your blog at home! The pics of the gardens and roses are beautiful. It is a dream to visit the UK one day. I am so sorry to hear of all the issues you’ve had to deal with… hubby, mum, kitty, house ~ that’s a LOT! Glad to hear that both DH and Poppy are doing well. Your home renovations look great and I’m sure it’s a relief not to worry about Poppy jumping quite so much. Happy belated to your mom!!

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