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Trivia, trials and a teapot!

May 20, 2015  |  Featured Posts  |  14 Comments

Today’s post is a mix of the subject heading. I’ll start with the “Trivia”.
Several weeks ago Vickie chose me as a recipient of One Lovely Blog Award. Thank you Vickie.
I’m not going to choose any blogs to keep it moving forward as I know so many blogs have been included but I will do the seven facts about myself (hence the Trivia in the title).

1. I was a primary school teacher for almost twenty years and gave up when I had my son.

2. I have lived in the same area of Scotland all my life, it’s around twenty miles from Edinburgh.

3. I once taught a class of eleven year olds to cross stitch.

4. My current job is a complete change for me, I work as a part time receptionist in a very busy health centre.

5. I don’t like flying at all.

6. Animal welfare is important to me.

7. Tea is my favourite drink – I never drink coffee.

Now onto the “Trials” – We’ve just spent around three weeks going back and forth to the vet with both Poppy and Rosa and then Brandy. The girls both ended up being hospitalised at one point but they’re fine now and Brandy’s issues are really just age related problems.

Finally the “Teapot”. I recently bought a new teapot which I couldn’t resist. The only reason I’m mentioning it here, is that the design by Wedgwood called Mythical Creatures is based on old textile patterns – hopefully you can see the detail that looks like stitching.

I’ve been knitting quite a bit and also stitching. I’ve put the LK design to the side while I work on a Mosey n Me design for my husband. I stitched this pattern over ten years ago as a gift and when he saw it framed he loved it. I recently stumbled on it in my stash and decided to stitch it for him.

It’s very much a fun design to work on and I’m only going to make a couple of small changes from the original. I hope he likes it as much as he did the first one.
(He’s currently on cycle five and is doing better now that his treatment has been reduced). Thanks to everyone for the continued good wishes and prayers.

I’ll finish today with a word about a theme I’ve noticed when visiting blogs. Quite a few bloggers have mentioned that they are thinking of stopping blogging. I feel quite sad about this (even though I don’t blog very often) as I think blogging offers something that other media platforms don’t.
I’ve “met” so many lovely stitchers and knitters through blogging and I’m frequently inspired by the varied craft work that I see.

I hope all is well in your part of the world and that the weather is a bit warmer than it is here in Scotland. Take care and thanks for dropping by.