The colour purple.

May 3, 2011  |  Featured Posts

We visited the garden centre yesterday and bought a few bits and pieces – for some reason the colour purple seemed to jump out at me. The clematis above was one of the purple flowers and the lupin at the bottom of this post was the other. Lupins make me think of my childhood as we had them in our garden and the bees seemed to visit them endlessly when they were in flower.

The next few photos show my banner progress and also a finish which was done for me by Karen V at “My Favourite Things” (there’s a link to her blog in my sidebar).

I wasn’t confident enough to tackle the scissors pouch finish by myself and so when I saw a recent blog post by Karen which announced her new business venture offering a finishing service, I couldn’t resist.

I’m sure you would agree that she has finished it to perfection – I am very pleased and would happily use Karen’s services again.

You can click on the photos if you want to see a close up.

I’m glad I’m getting closer to the finish line with my banner – I wasn’t happy with it for a while but I feel as though it has grown on me as I’ve progressed.

It’s a beautiful sunny day with us today, still cool but lovely all the same.
Thanks for dropping by, I hope the sun is shining with you, wherever you are.


  1. That clematis is glorious! We have a couple of purple ones, but not as richly coloured as that. Your banner is looking great – glad you were happy with the scissor pocket 🙂

  2. Wow, you are way into summer weather already I think! I remember when I saw all that snow in your neck of the woods and the long winter. We had milder weather but we are at least one month behind schedule for the garden!

    Love the scissor pouch that Karen finished for you. Looking forward to your new header.

  3. I love the siccor pouch and your new plants too.
    The Lupin reminds me of our holiday’s in Sweden, you can see lots of them next to the road.
    Your banner is looking great , the red E is wonderful to watch.

    Hugs Yvon.

  4. Lovely purples!!! and a beautiful scissor pouch!!!

  5. You always share the most beautiful floral photographs!

    I love the way your banner is turning out, and I agree with you the scissor pouch is perfection! Your stitching on it is lovely too!

  6. Hi, Thanks for popping into my ‘patch’. Just wanted to say I really adore your scissor pouch. In days gone by these lovelies would have been essential items. I should have liked to spend my days stitching as they did in the past but definitely wouldn’t have liked the lack of mod cons!

  7. Great job by Karen! It’s a really lovely pouch.

  8. Wow! What a gorgeous finish, and Karen did a fantastic job on the finishing. I love your clematis–we are hoping ours sprout some blooms soon.

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