Stirling in the rain.

June 22, 2011  |  Featured Posts

On Saturday morning we went to Stirling and the weather was dreadful.  We got soaked just going from the wool shop to the car.

I was there to buy some wool to knit a “Doctor Who” scarf for Matthew.  He is going through a phase of watching all the old Doctor Who dvd’s and asked me to knit him the original style scarf that Tom Baker wore.

I’ll post a photo of it soon (when I’ve made a bit more progress).

It was too wet to get any decent photos of the castle etc so I just snapped these shots very quickly.

The photo above shows the Wallace Monument in the distance.

Our weather has continued to be very wet – it’s been ever so slightly warmer but not like summer at all.

Hopefully when you next pop in, I’ll be able to say that the sun is shining.  Thanks for the comments and for stopping by.


  1. Knitting is the perfect activity when it’s raining outside! Looking forward to seeing your version of Dr Who’s scarf.

    PS. Love the pic of the Wallace monument (that’s my maiden name!)

  2. Thank you for the photo’s, it’s raining here to, we hope that it will be beter soon but in the meantime i hope you have fun knitting.

    Hugs Yvon.

  3. I’ve been to Scotland 4 or 5 times – but never to Stirling. It looks lovely – even in the rain!

  4. I look forward to seeing the completed scarf!

    I enjoyed your photos – I think they look pretty with the drizzle of rain.

  5. Rain or no rain….lovely pictures of Stirling. I’ve never been in Scotland, but it’s on my to visit list. It looks wonderful.
    Looking forward to see the scarf

  6. I always love to see your pictures from Scotland.

  7. Oh I know what you mean about the weather – its the same here. Flaming June – not quite!
    Stirling looks like a lovely place. Good luck with the scarf -that’s a nice easy project that has enough colour changes to keep you interested but isn’t too taxing. Still not into stitching?? Irene xxx

  8. Enjoy the knitting, and I hope the weather gets better. Nice shots, despite the rain.

  9. Hope the weathers improving, it’s been very wet & cold here as well.

    Great photo’s of Stirling, it was one of my favourite trips when we lived in Scotland.

  10. Hasn’t the weather been rubbish? Today’s forecast – sunny intervals. Actual weather – wet and now just overcast. Hmph. Nice photos though, even in the bad weather.

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