Bee Happy.

June 27, 2011  |  Featured Posts

I couldn’t resist the title.  Have you any idea how difficult it is to photograph a bee – they are so “flighty”.

This is a very quick post to let you know the two names drawn this evening.  A Swarovski pencil will be on it’s way to:


The names that correspond with the numbers are Rowyn and Barbara.  I have Rowyn’s details but I don’t have Barbara’s so Barbara can you please drop me a message with your address etc. It would be great if you could both tell me which colour would be your first or second choice and I’ll try to please.

Thanks for the comments you all left.  Karen, Matthew looked up the “Doctor Hoo” t-shirt and thought the design was very clever (are they in the shops?).

Gabi, our little pusscat Duski is a Brown Burmese.  She has a lovely temperament, she loves to tuck her head under my chin and rest there purring madly.

A few of you mentioned the Llama needle gauge.  It’s a great tool for checking knitting needle size and it’s marked in European sizes and American sizes which is handy.

I’m back to a little stitching again in the evening so hopefully I’ll post some progress in a couple of days.

Take care and thanks for popping in.


  1. Congrats to Rowyn and Barbara!!!

  2. GREAT photo!! Bugs are so hard to get photos of, and bees are so pretty!

    Do you mean Barbara as in me? My email should show up for you, because I have to enter it in order to leave a comment. If you did mean me, but can’t see my email, it’s bchattertonluuring @ gmail . com (without spaces).

  3. i love the photo of the bee, it is a photo that says summer to me.

    Hugs Yvon.

  4. You did a good job of getting that photo. There aren’t many bugs I like, but I do like bees. I used to rescue them from our swimming pool (at a previous house) regularly. Usually with a cup or the pool scoop, I’d then put them in the sun to dry out and fly away.

    How awesome that I won one of the pencils. Thanks so much. I really don’t mind what colour. I’m currently borrowing my DH’s good pencil (it’s refillable and he’s had it for years), for marking off my cross stitch chart so he’ll be pleased to know he can have it back now! 🙂

    Duski sounds like a sweet cat. It’s always nice to have a cat who snuggles. She is certainly a gorgeous colour.

  5. Well done, pencil-winners. Guess my number didn’t come up. Love the bee pic. I have some tall purple flowers in my border which I had been cultivating carefully until my friend told me they are weeds! I can’t pull them out just yet though because the bees love them. Isn’t there a saying about weeds being flowers in the wrong place?

    Ha ha – just remembered a poem for you.

    ‘I’m busy busy busy’ said the bee,
    ‘I haven’t got a single second free
    It will take me simply hours
    To visit all these flowers
    I’m busy busy busy’ said the bee.

    Feel free to add it to your collection!!!
    Love Irene xxx

  6. The bee picture is great Ann!

    I got the Doctor Hoo T-shirt from Threadless, a US shop, but I don’t think they’ve got them any more (mine was on sale, so I guess it was end-of-line.

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