Autumn Already!

September 26, 2016  |  Featured Posts

Well autumn is here and I feel as though this year is rushing by so quickly, I can’t keep up.
My life is still dominated by my caring role and things have been particularly trying of late.

I try to focus on the positive things and nature is certainly one of those. Colour in nature is so inspirational.

I’ve managed to find some time to try a couple of new crafting ideas – well one of them is new and the other I’ve made before but not for a very long time.
The little mouse is made from mohair and was my first attempt at sewing a little mohair toy.

The little bird is a fun project and I’m planning on making more of them as gifts.

Our weather has most definitely moved into autumnal mode and this morning I found it really quite chilly when I headed out to work.

I’ll leave you today with some words of wisdom…………….

“Twelve Things To Remember”

1 The value of time

2 The success of perseverance

3 The pleasure of working

4 The dignity of simplicity

5 The worth of character

6 The power of kindness

7 The influence of example

8 The obligation of duty

9 The wisdom of economy

10 The virtue of patience

11 The improvement of talent

12 The joy of originating.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care.


  1. What sweet, little critter you have created Ann. I am glad you found time for a quick post my friend. My life has been dominated by trying to take care of this darn body of mine this year! And it is NOT going well.

  2. Lovely bird. Always try to make time for yourself because it is important to care for yourself

  3. Ann – such sweet little beasties you have crafted! Lovely photos of the flowers – gazanias I am thinking. It is always a pleasure to hear from you and your 12 Things to Remember are food for thought and reflection.

  4. I’m so glad you have found time to immerse yourself in a little crafting and leave behind the stresses for an hour or two. The little mousey is adorable and the birds will make wonderful gifts. What a talented lady you are.
    much love xx

  5. I love your little creatures! The mohair one especially! I’m a sucker for stuffed animals. lol! Sorry your life has been tough with caring for others and all that you do. It’s good that you take time to pause and enjoy nature’s beauty.

  6. It’s nice to see your post, Ann. Time is indeed flying by. I’m sorry to hear you are going through a stressful time in your life at the moment. I think that’s why we women turn to crafts to soothe our souls! I like both the little mohair mouse, and the fabric bird. I hope you can snuggle down with some knitting too as the weather cools more and more. Take care!

  7. I am always so happy to see a new post from you, Ann! Your flower/nature photographs are just perfect–you’re right about the color in nature being so inspirational. I find nature itself to be so calming, much like my stitching.

    Your little mouse and bird are so charming–really happy that you’ve carved out a bit of time for yourself. It sounds like your life is getting more and more caught up in caregiving so it’s wonderful that you have the creative outlets of photography and crafting to bring some peace… Take care now–sending a hug!

  8. You are so right – time is flying and before we realize it a new month starts. Autumn is here as well and it has become very cool. The colours of the flowers you show just reflect this season, I do love the autumnal colours a lot and can’t get enough of all those oranges and reds.

    It’s so good to see that you find the time to do some crafting. Particularly when we are so very busy or are going through tough times it’s wonderful to be creative. Your little mouse is such a sweet thing. And I love the birds that you made out of such a nice fabric. You are right, they make lovely little gifts.

  9. This year has seriously flown by here as well. Your creatures are lovely particularly the birds.

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