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June 24, 2017  |  Featured Posts

Where have I been for the last six months – well life once again took a turn that made it difficult to fit in blogging along with a few other things.

At the end of January my husband was told that his cancer had come back. We then went through lots of tests, scans and appointments. The upshot was that surgery was possible and it happened at the end of March – this went well and the good news a month later was that no chemo was needed at present. We’re taking things a step at a time just now.

In the midst of all this my mum went into a nursing home and we then had to put her home up for sale and empty it in readiness.
I visit her every afternoon and she’s doing okay but it’s not what I would have chosen for her – it was so hard to take her from her own home but I know it’s for the best.

I have been crafting to a degree – lots of knitting which I haven’t photographed and quite a few birds and bears.

I’ve made a few other birds of another type and a couple of other bears too which I’ll need to photograph so that I can add them here.

I’ve been really enjoying a family of blackbirds that are visiting our garden every day – the male has been singing his heart out every evening – it’s been a joy to hear.

I’d like to leave you with a short quote especially for Grace over at Needles Pins and Dragonflies.

Some people just can’t help making a

difference in our lives

By simply being who they are.

They make the world a little brighter,

a little warmer,

a little gentler,

and when they’re gone we realise

how lucky we are to have known them.

I’ll leave you with a photo of Poppy.

Thanks for stopping by and take care wherever you are.


  1. Oh Ann, I am so sorry for the hardships these last many months. Life certainly is not easy, is it? I am glad you have good news presently with your husband. I know your daily visits are grounding your dear mother.

    You make bears now too! He is absolutely darling.♥

    I am glad you take time to just admire nature. Do take care.

  2. Hi Ann,
    how wonderful to see a new blog post from you. Although your life wasn’t very easy during the first half of this year.
    Glad to read that your husband could have surgery and that everything went well so far. It’s certainly difficult to deal with cancer but it’s a good thing to take things a step at a time. I wish your husband all the best. And also all the best to your Mum. I hope that she will get more and more used to live at the nursing home. And of course your daily visits will help her.
    Good to see that you are still crafting if time allows. These little birds are so sweet. And I’m very curious to see what other kind of bird you made. And such a lovely little bear.
    Thanks for sharing these cute pictures of the blackbird. I love their songs so much.

  3. So sorry…..thank you for the encouragement and kind words you have sent me during my difficult time. I love the quote.

  4. Oh Ann, you have had a time of it lately. I am so sorry that your husband seems unable to have even a small respite from his battle with cancer. They say to not let cancer define you, but goodness, sometimes it seems like that is all that is important and omnipresent. I just had a scan to make sure that a ‘change’ was just scar tissue and not something scarier – I was a bit of a freak until that was resolved, so I empathize with your ongoing worries and fears. I have watched a great-grandparent and four grandparents age and know that very hard decisions have to be made about their ability to live independently. For my one grandfather we were ‘lucky’ as he was able to afford in home care, but the others ended up in homes which does not make anyone happy. I am amazed you’ve had time to craft at all – the bird are adorable! I well remember the lovely song of the British blackbird – I hope his merry tune serves to life your spirits.

  5. Hello Ann,
    I so know what you are going through at the moment , life is just not easy .
    We do our best to hold things together.
    Try and look for the good things around you , and I can see by the photos that you are.
    So happy you are back crafting you make such beautiful things .
    Your photos are so beautiful and outstanding .
    Hugs to you all , have a good week my friend.

  6. Hello Ann,

    It’s good to see a post from you. I am sorry life continues to throw such curve balls at you guys. I am glad to hear that your husband’s surgery went well and there’s no chemo required. As hard as it is with moving your mom into a home, you know she will get round-the-clock care, and you can visit.

    It’s good that you have your hobbies as an outlet for some of the stress. What you’ve made are so cute. But maybe not as cute as Poppy? 😉

    Take care.

  7. I’m sorry that life has been tough on you and your family again. I’m sending good thoughts and prayers for you all. It’s good you are getting some crafting in as you can. It helps to keep some calm in the midst of it all. Lots of hugs.

  8. Hello, Ann… It is wonderful to see a new post from you and get your updates, but I’m sad to read about your husband’s cancer returning and the placement of your mom in a nursing home. I do know what a hard decision that must have been for you having been in that position with my dad. I hope she adjusts well. I’ve already told my sons that, if I ever develop dementia, they are to never hesitate to put me in a nursing home. I truly don’t want to burden any of them after seeing how caring for my dad totally wore out my poor mother for so many years.

    I do hope your husband remains well enough to avoid the chemotherapy–I’m glad the surgery went well.

    I love your birds–both real and crafted. Your photos are always exceptional and it is so good to see them again 🙂 Hope your knitting and crafting help you cope with all you have going on in your life right now… Sending a caring hug your way.

  9. Hi Ann

    I’m sorry to read that your husband’s cancer has returned. As you have said, you really can only take it one step at a time with that awful disease.

    It must have been hard moving your Mum into a home, but it is great that you can still visit her every day. Hopefully it has helped relieve some of the stress for you.

    Your hand-made birds and bears are fabulous!

  10. A lovely quote Ann.
    Much love to you both xxxx

  11. Hello Ann, Thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement on my blog. I will be posting an update next week. I understand how you feel with the nursing home situation. My husband is there now and its really hard to see him there. But I know its for the best. Its really great that your husband is recovering well after that rough time. Your crafts are beautiful and so are you. Thank you for your support.

  12. Hello Ann

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comments.
    I’m sorry to hear about your troubles. I hope your husband’s health improves. I know how you feel about the nursing home. My Dad had to go into one and seeing him there and then having to empty his home was heartbreaking.
    What a lovely quote – thank you for sharing.
    Your crafting is brilliant. I love the tails on the birds. Your photos are amazing and as for your kitties – adorable!

  13. Hi again
    I can’t work out how to follow you so I’ve added you to my bloglist so that I can keep up with your lovely posts.

  14. Hello Ann

    You kindly visited my blog a few weeks ago but unfortunately I’ve managed to lose my blog. I’ve started a new one and just wanted to say that I look forward to following you again x

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