January brings……………………..

January 19, 2018  |  Featured Posts

January has never been my favourite month due to the cold weather and dark evenings. Spring is too far away to be thinking of it here in Scotland – I always feel happier when I see some snowdrops peeking through.

Unfortunately the start of 2018 has brought much sadness to our family as my mum passed away just before her ninety third birthday. I took the photo below a number of weeks ago out in the garden of her nursing home.

My mum loved flowers and really enjoyed the sunny days where I could take her out into the garden, even when it was cooler.

In between spending time with her in hospital over Christmas and then sitting with her in her final days at the nursing home I did find time to craft. I know all stitchers and knitters are very aware of the therapy in crafting but I also find baking very therapeutic too.

This little fox was a new pattern that I tried out and quite enjoyed knitting.

I made this little bird as a gift – the colour is nicer when you see it, it’s very dull in the photo.

I’m currently sewing a different bird pattern which is coming together quite well so far.
I’ve been knitting a mix of things and knitted this little mouse for one of my mums friends in the nursing home.

Recently this lovely bird of prey visited our garden – as you can imagine the little birds made themselves scarce for a while.

It’s been very wintry this last week and today is no different. I’ll leave you today with a photo of Rosa and a few words of wisdom.

“Let your life lightly dance on the edges of time like dew on the tip of a leaf”.


  1. So sorry about your mum. Just absolutely love your tiny knitting! I knit but have never tried anything like that. I just may have to find some patterns! Living in hot Arizona I do not knit for myself but these would satisfy my knitting. Ad of course I love the little bird and the magnificent big bird. I keep you always in my thoughts.

  2. Ann, sincere sympathy on the loss of your Mum. How lovely to have such a recent photo of her. I do admire your patience in knitting such tiny creatures. They are exquisite.

  3. Oh dear Ann I am so sorry about the passing of your mother.
    I love your little creatures. They are precious.

  4. My thoughts have been with you Ann xx
    Delightful little animals you’ve created in your time of sorrow.
    What a sight the feathered friend must have been, how exciting to see him close up.
    I hope you are ok in the snow that I’ve seen falling on the news up your way, it does look like you’ve had loads.
    Take care X

  5. Dear Ann ,
    I am so sorry , It’s been a few hard years for you and my heart reaches out to you and your family .
    I am so happy you worked on your craft to take your mind off things .
    What lovely toys you made .
    Your photos are fantastic .
    Ann I lost your address can you email it to me again .
    Hugs and Kisses.

  6. Hi Ann

    I’m so sorry to read about the passing of your Mum. It’s such a strange world without them. 🙁 I’m glad you have found some solace in your crafting.

    I love all the critters in your post – the crafted and the real ones. What a treat to have a bird of prey visit your garden (and to get such excellent photos of it!).

  7. Oh Ann, I am so so very sorry to hear of your loss. You’ve invested so much time and love in caring for her the past few years, I expect that now you feel at a loss with all the ‘extra’ time on your hands. This will be a very big change for you and gray winter weather does not help as it seems to be to be sad and lonely and heavy. Take care of yourself and allow yourself all the time you need to mourn.

  8. My dear Ann, I’m so sad to read about the loss of your mom. 93 is a wonderful age to live to, but somehow we always want our parents with us a bit longer, don’t we? I know how much time you must have spent by her side and I’m sure you’ll feel an empty feeling for a while. And, of course this long bleak month of January makes things worse. I hope the memories of your mom in healthy and happy days will help you through this sad period…

    So glad you have found comfort in your crafting AND baking! I feel the same way–I do love to bake when I am stressed out (of course, I love to eat it, too!). I do love that sweet little mouse–darling with the mouse box as a gift.

    Anyway, take care now and be kind to yourself 🙂 Hugs from the U.S.

  9. I’m so sorry for your loss, Ann. You were blessed to have her in your life for so long, but that is no consolation of course. I love seeing your various projects. You are so talented!

  10. I’m so sorry for your loss, Ann. It must feel so strange not to be able to visit her. That’s how I felt when my mom had passed away some years ago. I was so used to driving down to where she lived and spend one of the weekend days with her that I was at a total loss. But slowly the void filled again. I hope the same for you and will be thinking of you, my dear.

  11. Sorry to read about your mum’s death.

  12. I’m so sorry to hear about your Mum, *hugs* to you all.

    Your finishes are all very cute, particularly the fox

  13. Ann, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your mums. We too lost our mums only a few months apart. Sending much love and best wishes for your husband too.

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