Choosing colours.

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Am I the only person who finds it difficult to make final choices in colour. Whether it’s for a cross stitch design or knitting or canvas work – I take forever to make my final choice.

I am so conservative in my colour palette and find it hard to add in “ugly” colours or bright colours – I tend to opt for muted tones all the time.

This is the palette I have chosen to knit a fairisle scarf design in the new Rowan magazine. The wool I have chosen is a mix of wool, cashmere and microfibre.

I’m looking forward to getting started – it’s knitted on a circular needle which is something I haven’t done for years.
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Welcome to Beadlework.

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Let me introduce myself. My name is Ann, I’m fifty four and have been married for over thirty years to Alan. We have a son, Matthew, who is fifteen.
Currently we have two pets, Duski a 15year old Brown Burmese cat and Brandy a 9year old Miniature Poodle.
I live in Scotland, very near Edinburgh.

I’d like to welcome you to Beadlework, a mix of beading and online gaming needlework.
I’m hoping to create a blog that is fun to visit so that you will want to return frequently. I’ve been inspired to create a blog as a result of visiting other people’s blogs and also to share my creations with you.

I’m hoping to post several times a week and would like to establish one or two regular items. One of them is Scotland on a Saturday which will give a feel of what is happening in my corner of the world at the gaming weekend.

The second is Poem of the Week which I will post on a Monday. I love fun and thought provoking poetry and would like to share a poem with you each week (written by famous poets). I want to choose a poems that will make you smile or LoL perhaps inspire you.

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I’ve loved crafts in all forms since I was a young girl and learned how to knit when I was very young.
My favourite form is cross stitch but I have also dabbled in needlepoint and quilting.
Since I started beading last year I’ve loved every minute of learning the many aspects of this craft – it’s fascinating.